Published on January 17, 2019 in News

Last Saturday, January 13, 2019, Holland Casino in Utrecht welcomes her 10 millionth visitor. A 47-year-old woman from Hoofddorp was the lucky person. Fortunately because the establishment of the Australia Staatscasino could of course not pass this event without a small party. The woman who visited the casino as a 10 millionth person has received a trip to Las Vegas from seven days for two people. It was a pleasant surprise for the winner of the price after they got off the fright.

In a reaction, the woman let me know that they suddenly heard a hard bang on arrival and saw confetti fly. She didn't know what happened to her and that the commotion was meant for her. Fortunately this became clear quickly when the manager of the casino with a big check to her and the story that she had just won a free journey as a 10 millionth visitor. The woman says she rejoices enormously on the journey as she has never been to Las Vegas before.

On average half a million visitors per year

With such a special event, the Holland Casino always brought out the necessary facts in a press release. Of course a few photos are supplied. After all, there are enough websites (including this) who liked to write about this and that means free advertising. An interesting fact is that the Holland Casino in Utrecht has been open since September of the year 2000. They are convenient to more than half a million visitors a year over the last 19 years. Not wrong of course because they undoubtedly have left the necessary money in the casino. From your own experience we can report that the location in Utrecht is also certainly one of the most attractive of the country. This could also explain why the 47-year-old woman from Hoofddorp (who probably does not want to be in the newspaper in the newspaper) is moved all the way to the center of the country to visit this casino. After all, the house is the brand new Holland Casino Amsterdam West. The decision has at least exposed well as it has delivered her a free vacation to Gokstad Las Vegas.

Online casinos reward all the first visitors

At Holland Casino the 10 millionth visitor is richly rewarded with a journey. At the 5 or 20 millionth, a party will probably also be celebrated and a reward will be given away. On the internet, the providers of games of chance are much happier to welcome you. All first visitors are rewarded with online casinos. There is one for them Welcome bonus On if money is poured for the first time to gamble. The advantage of such a casino bonus can amount to a few hundred euros. So this gets every new player at the casino. Not the millionth or thousandth. Everyone who deposit money for the first time can claim the welcome bonus. Although you have to meet some conditions, there is a good chance that you take a nice profit on this. Maybe enough to make a trip to your favorite holiday destination in the world. For example, go to of Website Van Eskimo Casino And here claim 10 free spins without depositing and 100 free spins 100 euros free money with your first deposit.