Published on 24 June 2019 in News

Last week the deadline has expired in which companies could indicate their interest for a Australia license with which they can offer legally online gambling. In total there are no less than 125 companies that have shown interest. This has announced the gambling authority in a press release.

Since the Announcement that the Senate has adopted the remote gambling Act And that the online gambling in the Australia will soon become legal, the KSA has placed a form on their website in which companies could indicate their interest to get a chance permit when this possibility is there. The authority also asked everyone with a possible interest to make use of this. It would ensure that the KSA is better insight into what the parties want to make an application and how they can be judged the fastest.

Probably few fewer licenses

Although there are now 125 companies that show their interest in a Australia license. There will probably be a lot less that it will also be provided. This is also done in other countries. For example, online gambling in Sweden has been legally found last January. Here 120 companies actually made an application and have only provided 89 licenses. This has to do with the fact that one must also come through the testing of the gambling authority.

The lower regulations describing all requirements must still be announced. In The Hague they are now working to work out the details. It is already known that the financial requirements for permit holders in the Australia will be very high. For gamblers this is good news because it means that a casino has enough money in Kas for the moments that a large group of players suddenly manages to win high prices at the same time. For smaller companies that also thought to be able to participate as a provider of games of chance in the Australia gambling still to be opened, this is less good news. They can probably not get the money together that is necessary to come through the assessment procedure.

Request from July 2022

The 125 companies that we discuss in this news item have officially indicated their interest by filling in and emailing a form on the website of the gambling authority. The actual applications can only be done from July 2022. Parties that have not yet completed a form can then still make a request. After all, it is also known to what requirements must be met in the Australia as an online casino.

When gambling at legal Australia casinos?

The date on which the first licenses will be provided is probably January 2022. According to the KSA, this is feasible if everything goes according to planning. So when you want to gamble at legal Australia casinos, you will have to be patient. You can already go to one of the foreign providers. It is of course also important that you have one Legal provider of online games of chance Choose. The License in Malta is currently the highest. If you find a casino that has this license, this is a good sign for reliability. If you really want certainty, choose one of the casinos that we recommend on this page.