Published on August 14, 2019 in News

Formula 1 is a sport in which millions deal with. The drivers who take place during the races behind the steering wheel often have millions of euros in salary in a year. Much more money is spent on the cars and the thousands of teams of the teams that are not at the circuit at all on the weekend. The amounts that deal with this sport are staggering. It is not called the millions ball of motorsport for nothing.

Now recently became known that more money will be involved in sports next year. The formula 1 has concluded a deal with the Interregional Sports Group (ISG) and Sportradar companies to create more options to gamble at the sport. For example, there are plans to make it possible to bet in 2022 on F1 races.

30 live markets to gamble

In the current plans known, it is spoken to initially introduce 30 markets where people can gamble live during the formula 1 races. At the moment it is not yet possible to close live bets when a race has begun once. This can only be made pre-race. The live quotes that Partner Sportradar will also ensure that the bets will fall under the category of the so-called Short Odds games of chance that we are in us Previous News item have discussed.

Some of the market that will soon be available to use live are: of course the stage positions, the US driver. Rainer and Team vs. Team competitions. Later will be considered to further expand the number of live and pre-race markets.

Lucrative sponsor contracts

The deal that is now closed by the Formula 1 to make gambling on sport increasing, will undoubtedly also be made to increase the chance of bringing in lucrative sponsorship contracts. At the moment you are not gambled on car races. The sports that most are used by gamblers are: football and horse racing. When you look at these sports, you will also see the consequences of the interest of gamblers in sport. Football clubs and horse racing events drag millions of millions in for sponsorship of online casinos. This type of sponsor contracts naturally see the formula 1 teams. Whether adding the additional markets actually concerns great growth in the number of bets can still be seen.

Bet on Max Verstappen

With the successes of Max Verstappen, the interest in Formula 1 has increased unprecedentedly in the Australia. Many fans of the driver who follow every race weekend on television also want to bet on Max Verstappen. The quotes for a profit from the Red Bull Racing driver are often very attractive because he always starts a race this year as underdog. The popularity of the athlete in our country will not have escaped online bookmakers. At the moment they are not yet allowed to advertise specifically aimed at Australia people. When the casino license will finally be introduced here will undoubtedly change. Our expectation is that from that moment Weekly bonuses Get offered to make gambling on the races of Max Verstappen even more interesting.