Published on February 25, 2019 in News

Gambling all day and night is now the first time possible at Holland Casino Amsterdam West. The establishment in the western part of the capital, which is open last year, has received permission from the municipality to stay open 24 hours a day. 364 days a year you will therefore not come to a closed door. Only on New Year's Day all branches of the Holland Casino are traditionally closed. If you have a Lucky Streak where everything seems to sit along during gambling, then you no longer have to leave the property to leave the building and you can remain infinitely the games of chance to rake as much profit as possible. If you lose more than you win, on the other hand, you can of course make an end to your gambling session and go home.

Rotterdam already opened 24/7

Even before the establishment of the Holland Casino in Amsterdam West had had the official opening, it was already possible to spend 24/7 in Rotterdam. The branch in the port city has been allowed since April 2017. What makes Amsterdam West unique is that you also continue all night here live dealers is possible. In Rotterdam this go home after 3 o'clock and you can only take a gamble on the slots and slot machines. Gambling as Roulette, Blackjack and Punto Banco can only be played on vending machines. This has recently been possible in the capital. Here the tables will remain open throughout night. So we can therefore experience the real Las Vegas feeling in the Australia. As far as us concerns a positive development, but we are therefore avid gamblers who have regularly reluctantly go home when the closing time of the casino was achieved.

Restaurant opening times

Nor unimportant is that the opening times of the Global Dining restaurant are also extensive. Without occasionally a snack and a drink it is not full to gamble throughout the day. In the casino you can eat breakfast every day between 07:00 and 12:00 Breakfast, Between 12:00 and 17:00 lunch and dinner is served between 17:00 and 3:00. A short period of four hours you should then ask it with the snacks and bites menu. The layout of the times when the restaurant serves several meals also seems like a good way to keep an eye on which time of the day it is at that moment. You can sometimes lose sight of this if you stay inside the establishment throughout the day.

Online casino are always available

For the so-called landbased casinos, expanding the opening hours of the Amsterdam West branch is unique. Australia online casinos However, has always been available 24/7. The internet never sleeps and here you never have to stop gambling. With these providers of games of games you can also go through real dealers Blackjack and Roulette in the live casino. Even more attractive is that you don't even have to leave your house for this. If you come home once from working in the night shift and you cannot catch the sleep. Then simply turn on your computer, logs in on the website and you are ready to place your bets with your favorite chance. If you want to stop then you don't have to take a long drive home, but you step into your bed.