Published on October 4, 2019 in News

When you participate in gambling in a casino, you can just let happiness. One moment it seems even if it is your breakdess and a few seconds later you drag a jackpot and win the biggest cash prize of your life. It happened a 27-year-old man from Almelo last Tuesday at the Holland Casino branch in Enschede. The man was actually here to participate in a poker tournament. Eventually the evening ended with a glass of champagne and the handing over a check of no less than 250,000 euros. Not for winning the poker tournament, but for winning a significant part of the Mega Millions Jackpot.

Deployment 3 euros on slot after shutdown poker

At the various locations of the Holland Casino in the Australia, poker tournaments are regularly organized. The company is now the only one in the Australia Game can offer legal. The popularity of the card game is no longer as it has ever been, but the tournaments still draw many people to the casino. So also the man from Almelo, who undoubtedly dreamed of winning the tournament and making a few thousand euros profit. In the first instance, luck did not seem to be on his side. Even for cash prizes, the man was turned off with poker. Eventually it turned out that this event may have contributed to a lucky turn. It has led to it that he decided to make the rolls of the Mega Millions slidesheer spinning with a bet of 3 euros. This commitment led to a payout of 250,000 euros. Much more than won in the poker tournament.

Full Jackpot price was at 1.3 million euros

The manager of the casino in Enschede has handed the man a glass of champagne and a check for the amount. The 250,000 euros is paid off tax-free. No wrong yield of course, but the amount could have fallen even higher. If the man had used 2 euros more, then he would have won 100% of the Mega Millions Jackpot. It was at the time of 1,3 million euros at the time of play. The 27-year-old man could not do this. He said to be very happy with the won price of a quarter of a million.

Use at least 5 euros per spin to have a chance to win a price above a million is no attractive offer for many people. Just let the roles of the slot spinning you already cost 100 euros. At Casinos Online you can play slots With a deployment of less than 1 euro per spider you already have a chance to win the jackpot. The progressive jackpots often run up to several millions through the large number of gamblers on the internet that participates in games of chance.

First on vacation with the money won

For the lucky winner last Tuesday, the 3 euros in the Mega Millions slot did well unpacked. With a quarter of a million euros you can of course do a lot of fun things. The man did not know where he went out with the money exactly. The plan is to first go on holiday with the money won.

In 2019, the Mega Millions Jackpot has already fallen twice earlier. Both times the winners won the full Jackpot amount. An amount of nearly 2 million euros was won in Utrecht and a lucky winner ran out with more than 1 million euros in Valkenburg.