Published on September 18, 2019 in News

It is the dream of every gambler in an online casino. Play on a video slot and win the Jackpot price. Online slots are known to be able to pay out large cash prizes. When you manage to spin that one rare combination symbols on the roles, you can easily win your bet a few hundred times. If there is a so-called progressive jackpot, the prize money can increase much higher. For example, take the news from a British man who managed to win no less than 3.3 million euros this month with a commitment of only 50 cents. That is a price that amounts to a multiplication 6.6 million times the deployment per spider.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Van Netent

The millions that the man from Great Britain managed to win has been paid by the Mega Fortune Lock of Netent. From all slots from the Swedish developer with a progressive jackpot, this game has ensured over the years for most multi-millionaires. Many people expect them to make a chance on the main prize, a large amount of money per spin. After all, when you want to make a chance to win at the Holland Casino at the Mega Millions Jackpot, then you have to bet at least 5 euros per spin. However, other rules apply online. Here many more gamblers contribute to rising the jackpot. You also have a chance to win the enormous amount of money with a low commitment. After all, the main character from this story succeeded with a deployment of half a euro.

Guinness World Record Holder

At the Mega Fortune Slot of Netent, three different progressive jackpots can be won. These prices are called the Mini, Midi and Mega. The price that is always more than a million euros is the Mega Jackpot. A cash prize that increases higher as more people play on the video slot. The longer it takes before someone goes to the prize, the higher the amount will rise. This has ensured a few years ago that Mega Fortune has received a listing in the Guinness World Record Book for the highest cash prize ever paid on an online video clot. The price then amounted to just over 17.8 million euros. The record is now in the hands of the Mega Moolah Slot of Microgaming.

Explanation Progressive Jackpot prices

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of progressive jackpot, then you can read a brief explanation below. Progressive means that a little further developed. In the case of the video slot jackpot, the amount that you can win becomes increasing. This is realized by always a small percentage of every bet that places players at the Jackpot amount. The price is eventually paid out completely. However, sometimes there can be over a long time before this is the case again. If this happens, the amount is therefore increasingly increasing. This can go very fast. The Mega Fortune Jackpot is already reset every time at an amount of 1 million.

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