Published on December 21, 2015 in News

Saturday evening December 19, 2015, a 46-year-old woman from Gelderland won a jackpot of 3.6 million euros in Holland Casino Utrecht. This price has won the woman after playing on one of the Mega Millions jackpot slots on which a jackpot can be won, shared with all Holland Casino branches throughout the Australia. By playing with a bet of 5 euros on the slot machine, the woman went home that evening as a multi-millionaire. It is the highest jackpot once won in a Australia casino.

Premonition to win

In a reaction, the 46-year-old woman who also wants to remain anonymous, has told the casino that she had been a premonition for the whole day that something was happening. She also did not spend a lot of money to win the price. The woman first told a few tens at the slot to have lost, after which she has decided to eat something. After this food she has tested her happiness on another slot in the casino and won a small prize there. When this amount was rejected to the Mega Millions slot, it was immediately hit and the woman with her husband was the lucky winner of the record amount.

Online casino jackpots

Although this winner of the largest Jackpot ever paid in a Australia casino, of course, has a great profit to achieve in the casino. Is the deployment of 5 euros per turn to make an opportunity at the jackpot fairly considerably. The chance that just like this woman with less than ten rounds turns the grand prize to hook is quite small. Jackpots can also be won in online casinos on online slots. These online jackpots are often many larger amounts, while the required minimum bets to make a chance to make the jackpot lower again. Online Jackpots are often just like the Mega Millions Jackpot from Holland Casino linked to several online casinos. These are often all online casinos that offer the same game from the same developer. As a result, money prices run rapidly to immense amounts of many millions of euros.

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