Published on June 14, 2019 in News

If there are prizes in the online casino that can really change your life drastically, we will love to inform you here. For example, we have written a news item on our website last year on the fact that the Mega Moolah videos lock to record high increased at that time. The Jackpot price of this lock then managed to set a new world record. A very lucky winner managed to win slightly less than 19 million euros on gambling. The record is therefore in the hands of the Microgaming slot machine and this does not just seem to be broken in the coming period. However, NetEnt's video slots also regularly turned Jackpots that appeal to the imagination. With the Jackpot of Hall of God, for example, more than 5 million euros can be won.

Netent Progressive Jackpots

Online casino games Developer Netent does little under for competitor Microgaming when it comes to progressive jackpots. These are jackpot prices that are increasing when people gamble on a certain video slot at a casino online. The prize pool is linked to all online casinos where the specific game is available. Because tens of thousands of gamblers are active on the games, the price can go to huge altitude. The record is now in the hands of the Mega Moolah slot of Microgaming, but Net entertainment has several video slots where you can win millions prizes. Normally it is the Mega Fortune slot with which the biggest prizes can be won. However, Hall of God's right is at the age of the lead with a jackpot price of more than 5.1 million euros.

Hammer from Thor Bonus game

If you want to win the potential life-changing Jackpot from Hall of God, you will first Netent Casino Have to find where the game is available. So you should really bet money to have the opportunity to drag the prize. Deploying high amounts per spin is not necessary. You can simply play with the minimum bet of 20 cents per spin and with that you have a chance to win the Mega Jackpot. If you put more money per spin in, the chance does. Wherever you hope when spinning is that three hammers from Thor are coming to the roles. This will start the bonus game where you have to break shields with the hammer shields. A prize is hidden behind each of the fifteen shields. If you know the Mega Jackpot Logo three times to play, you can now call yourself multi-millionaire.

What would you do with the millions?

Can you imagine how it would feel, when you suddenly see on your computer or telephone screen that you have won more than 5 million euros. I think you should blink more than twice in that case to actually get the awareness or it really happens what you come across. This is also the story that we will come back to come back from prize winners from the past. It is nice to try to update a show here. Everyone who plays a video slot with progressive jackpot at an online casino will probably have fantasized here. Just like everyone would have thought what they would do with the millions that can be won. A frequently heard reaction is to stop working and the world about traveling. Or maybe you would buy an expensive sports car. It is certain that such a cash prize will drastically change his or her life.