Published on July 5, 2019 in News

More and more people gamble online through their mobile. Smartphones and tablets are getting more computing power making it Play at an online casino via mobile No more problem. The extra advantage that you can also take a mobile device everywhere with you, ensures that more and more gamblers also make this possibility. Wherever you may still have to worry about it is the safety of mobile payments. Can you transfer money safely via your mobile to an online casino? This is in principle possible but a few precautions must be observed. We therefore give you 5 tips for secure payment via mobile to gamble online.

Legal and reliable casino

The very first and also the most important tip we can give you is one Legal and reliable casino choose. Your money does not have to be stolen directly from your bank account by criminals. For example, there are also fake web stores where you can pay safely, but you will not finally get what you have paid for. This can also occur with an online casino. Maybe you don't see anything strange at the next four tips we are going to discuss, but if the casino is unreliable and illegal then you can still flute to your cents when you know something to win.

Use known payment platforms

Once you have found a good online casino, then you have to deposit money to gamble for real money. There are also various options for this on mobile. Some every payment platform nowadays it also makes it possible to pay via your phone. To guarantee safety, it is advisable to make only use known payment platforms. When you ideal, Right away, Neteller or Skrill sees then these excellent options. If you choose payment with a credit card check then or the payment page on which you have to fill in your data is cared for by a well-known organization. For example, credit card payments can be facilitated by the Australia Adyen.

Set up a two-step authentication

An additional security measure that you can take to Mobile credit card payments Safe to make it is setting up a two-step authentication. The major credit card companies, Visa and Mastercard already make this possible. A tip that we can recommend everyone who regularly uses his or her credit card online is to activate Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. If your bank also offers a service where they send you an OTP message on your phone, it is also smart to use this.

Not through the public Wi-Fi network

Also not unimportant to mention the tip to never carry out a payment through your mobile while you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. For experienced hackers it is not so difficult to access your smartphone or tablet when both are connected to the same network. For this reason we recommend that you do your mobile network for an internet connection when you are not at home. You then know that only you have access to the connection that you will send very fraud-sensitive bank details.

Keep an eye on your depreciation

Even if you would strict all the precautions that we identify here for each transaction. Then this is still no guarantee that you will never become a victim of internet fraud. After all, internet criminals are constantly trying to find new ways to abuse people who perform online payments through their mobile. The last tip we give you is therefore to keep an eye on your depreciation. Is the amount that has been written off with what you have transferred to gamble? Then take action and maybe you can still get the money back. For example, credit cards often have a fraud guarantee.