Published on September 15, 2019 in News

New innovations are still regularly introduced in the world of gambling at online casinos. An area that currently receives the most attention from the casino games providers is it Gambling with live dealers. Here has therefore been to see most growth in recent years. The live casino still attracts more visitors every year. It is therefore not surprising that in innovative and groundbreaking games are being devised here. Last week, play provider Playtech has come with a new variant of the classic gaming roulette. Quantum Roulette is called the game and with this you can win up to 500x the bet amount.

Higher payouts than standard roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance in the casino. There are several reasons to come up with this popularity among gamblers. For example, the game has a very long history. Because Roulette has been playing for so long, the game of chamber has almost become a symbol for the casino. This also means that the rules are very easy to understand. With a short explanation, everyone is able to participate and with so much opportunity to win as every other player.

Why people also like to give a gamble with roulette is the fact that there are high cash prizes to win. If you know a number to be guessed, you will receive 36x your bet for this. Put a small amount of 3 euros at stake, you can already bring a profit of more than 100 euros. With the new online live casino variant Quantum Roulette from Playtech, the profit can still increase much higher. With this game it is possible to receive a payout from 500x the bet amount.

Up to 5 quantum boost multipliers

The immensely high payouts are possible through the Quantum Boost Feature. Every round of play will light up to a maximum of 5 compartments with separate numbers. There is then a multiplier in it. This can be 50x to 500x. It is an extra multiplier on your payout. So if you are so happy that you have placed a bet on this box and the ball in the wheel also comes to a halt on this specific number. Then you win a huge price.

In the example we sailed earlier from a bet of 3 euros, you will make a profit of just over 100 euros in standard roulette. With some luck, the same bet amount in Quantum Roulette can yield 1500 euros. This is a prospect that will undoubtedly attract many gamblers.

Serie releases van Playtech live casino spellen

As stated at the start of this news item, we especially see many new developments in the field of online gambling with live dealers in recent months. Playtech has also introduced several releases of live casino games this year. The Quantum Roulette game comes at the end of a series that includes American Roulette, Hi-Lo Club, Spread-Bet Roulette, Dragon Jackpot Baccarat and Casino Stud Poker.

Also competitors NetEnt and Evolution Gaming that are active in the live casino games are not quiet to come up with new innovations. To date, these two providers are more used by online casinos than the playtech games. A Netent Casino for Australia people is not hard to find.

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