Published on January 15, 2018 in News

Millions of prizes have been paid in online casinos in the past year. Most times, players managed to double their bet or multiply only a number of times. Over a longer period of time, this can of course also provide a substantial amount of profit. However, some players were lucky enough to keep a jackpot waiting. With these prices, which are usually won on online video slots, you can get the placed commitment to hundreds, thousands or even millions of times when price gets paid. The progressive jackpots in particular can rise very high. To make the best chance at these millions of prizes you could get the best in one last year Netent Casino play. At the beginning of this month, the developer brought out that no less than 78 million euros in Jackpots on NetEnt slots were paid out in 2017.

Chance to become multi-millionaire

In 2017 we have a different return on Australia news item published in which we announced the current state of the various progressive jackpots. These cash prizes that increases higher as more people play a lock, are the most appealing prices that you can win in a casino. Namely it happens that the main prize of one of the video slots reaches an amount of several million. This makes it possible to become multi-millionaire with a small bet. This is of course the dream of every online gambler. During a night of entertainment in the casino, use a few euros on a slot machine and suddenly discover that more than a million euros will soon be deposited in your bank account. This is possible when you play a lock with progressive jackpot in one Nederlands casino online.

Mega Fortune Good for 30.4 million

In the figures that the NetEnt brought out, we can see that two video slots are responsible for the vast majority of prize money. The topper in this area has been the very popular Mega Fortune Slot for years. This is also the game that most people think of when they have progressive jackpots. In the past year, most euros were paid to players from Mega Fortune. No less than 30.4 million euros in Jackpot prices spread over 2017. The high price was paid out in mid-year. Then a happy player won slightly more than 5.5 million euros.

Highest prices on Hall or God's videos lock

The upcoming year could best be that another slot Mega Fortune passes by the number of euros to Jackpots that will be paid. In 2017, height prices on the Hall or God's video slot were paid out. Twice, players managed to win an amount of more than 7 million euros. In June a player ran away with the Jackpot who at that time was 7,525,467 euros. A price amount of no less than 7,135,987 euros was won in November. These people don't have to worry more to make money in the coming years. At the time of writing, the Hall or God's jackpot is again higher than Mega Fortune. It could be a sign that now players prefer this video slot to have a chance to win a mega millions of jackpot.