Published on December 5, 2018 in News

Alberto Stegeman, the TV journalist known from the Undercover program in the Australia, has won no fewer than 240,000 euros at Holland Casino Amsterdam last weekend. The annual Master Classics of Poker event was held here and the presenter managed to win the Main Event on Friday night. An exceptional achievement because several international and national professional poker players participated in the tournament. Alberto Stegeman is an amateur player, but one that takes the game to say very seriously. This dedication has paid out in winning a big cash prize and the title winner of the largest poker tournament in the Australia.

Multiplayer poker

For the people who are not yet familiar with the different forms of poker, it is good to explain which game was actually played at this tournament. That Alberto Stegeman managed to win here, is not just a matter of happiness. Different forms of multiplayer poker are played at the Master Classics or Poker. Poker species are, for example, Limit and No Limit Texas Hold'em or Pot Limit Omaha. What these species have in common is that players compete against each other. So you don't play against the casino, such as the case with the poker games that you can play at eskimo casino. This means that they all make the same chance to win. What ultimately makes the difference is lucky in the cards that you get shared and skill. Not everyone expects it, but skill plays a greater role than you think to kick the winner of a poker tournament.

Positive for the sport

The story with the explanation that something really comes to look at a tournament as the Master Classics of Poker is actually what Winner Alberto Stegeman would like to let people happen to happen. In his speech after winning the prestigious tournament, he reported that he hopes that his profit unpacks positively for sport. He believes that poker is really a sport in this form. He himself takes the playing of poker very seriously and only this dedication has enabled him to make a chance of winning in a tournament at all that lasts several days. He also mentions the profit of the tournament and the associated grand prize of 240,000 euros a boy dream.

Play in Australia Casino

If you have also become inspired by the win of Alberto Stegeman of the Master Classics or Poker tournament to play the card game. Then you can of course do this at a Australia casino. In the Australia it is only possible to play live poker in the Holland Casino branches. However, you must immediately start a big budget and learn the game will inevitably cost you the necessary money. A better option is to first start at an online casino. However, please note that you want to play a multiplayer variant. At the games of chance where you can only take it against the casino, you will make little difference with skill. There are also casinos online who offer the opportunity to poker against other players in this way. An example of this is Unibet.