Published on March 3, 2022 in News

Last night there was an item on television about a player who felt like The GSLOT Casino. This online casino is known to us as a reliable online casino. Yet the woman claimed to be scammed.

She had won a few thousand euros and decided to take over the payment. However, this lady had introduced a fictional name in the first name and last name when creating an account. As a result, the casino cannot pay off due to the fraud rules.

If you meet an online casino to pay off, documentation is requested. You must be able to prove who you are, where you live and that you are of age. This is a legal online casino obliged to show at the MGA. If you are going to play under a false name, the casino may refuse your payout and close your account.

Only play under your own name in the casino

Therefore, ensure that you enter the official names of your proof of identity at First Name and Load. If you don't do this you are not a legal player. This is an important tip that we want to give you. Your first name is not a username that you come up with and complete. You are required to gamble under your own name.

This is also always in the conditions of the casino, but unfortunately this was not explained in the video. We understand that not every player will read the fine print. But it is important to always play under your own name.

Gslot Casino has a permit from Malta

The GSLOT Casino has an official permit and this has been provided by the MGA. This is a reliable organization, but unfortunately this means that you have to hold other rules. For example, it is an important rule that you should always identify yourself when you pay money.

The television program states that the MGA Research Will do to this incident. But if indeed it appears that this player has played under a false name, she probably can whistle to her money.

Gaming authority also involves with the situation

The game of gaming authority immediately lets they put the casino without research on the blacklist. This means that they will not be allowed to apply for a Australia casino license. It is of course the question whether they were already planning this.

Of course this is not entirely fair towards the GSLOT Casino. As a player you are just obliged to gamble with your own identity. This means that you cannot assume a false identity to gamble.

So make sure you always play according to the rules An online casino. Only create an account under a name that can be checked with your proof of identity. Only in this way can you really let you pay money and the casino has no reason to refuse your payout.

So this is certainly an important tip that we want to give you if you plan to create an account!