Published on October 15, 2022 in News

Last summer it was announced that Evolution Gaming has released a 1.88 billion bid on NetEnt. The bid was officially considered and submitted to the investors in Netent.

Both parties would have reached an agreement in August. Only the bid is now examined by the British CMA. The CMA is equal to the AFM in Great Britain. They provide fair and transparent financial markets. They want to do research or take over Evolution Gaming NetEnt for 1.88 million.

This research would soon be completed, but the CMA has announced more time. The CMA has announced that they are officially announced on November 16 or take over Evolution Gaming NetEnt.

Largest acquisition from the history of online games of chance

If the acquisition of NetEnt officially continues, this is the biggest acquisition of the history of online games of chance. EVOLUTION GAMING immediately becomes the Largest software supplier in the world.

The shareholders of NetEnt have already made their official green light for the acquisition. Of course, the shareholders are sitting that NetEnt can dimend himself with the best in the world.

In recent years, NetT loses a lot of market share in competition. The range with software suppliers is getting bigger. This increasingly becomes more difficult for NetEnt to stand out.

Is the acquisition of Evolution Gaming fair to the competition?

The CMA is mainly researching whether the acquisition is fair. With the acquisition, Evolution Gaming almost receives a monopoly position within online casinos. The CMA wonders whether they can therefore allow the acquisition.

Officially, the supply of Evolution Gaming would officially expire on October 26. If the bid is not accepted, the deal would not continue. But both parties understand that NetEnt is obliged to expect the investigation.

The acquisition has now been officially postponed until 20 November. If the CMA agrees, the acquisition must still be made officially. As a result, it can take at least December 1 before the deal is really round.

Both parties do not want to comment

No comment is given about the delay on the website of both parties. Both parties are disappointed behind the scenes that the investigation must last for so long. But they also understand the current situation.

In the meantime, competition is waiting for tension what is going to happen. Evolution gaming has already built up an impressive portfolio in recent years. The company is primarily one player in the live casino.

With the addition of NetEnt to the portfolio, they can spread it a lot. As a result, they no longer get a key position with their live casino, but also with slots.

Evolution gaming is currently active in 14 different countries. The intention is to expand this to more countries. A Collaboration with Netent Can make it possible to access even more countries.