Published on November 16, 2017 in News

Did you know that nowadays it is also possible to gamble live with real dealers in an online casino? The possibility has been around for several years, but not yet everyone has made use of this. For example, some people have always been reluctant to start online gambling because they are not trust the software that is used for this. They have unjusted the idea that the games can be set up by the casinos that, for example, when they play online Blackjack the cards will always be in favor of the casino. That this risk is excluded with a Legal Casino with License is a totally different story. However, it is an advantage of gambling at one Nederlands online live casino That you no longer have to have these concerns. Here you can see yourself via a video that the dealer shares the tickets at Live Blackjack 1 for 1 from a shuffled deck.

No Australia dealers yet

First, let's just mention that you will not yet encounter Australia dealers at Australia live casinos. The few providers where this possibility does exist are in violation of the current rules prepared by the gambling authority. Previously there were live casino games with dealers who spoke Australia, but the rules have not been tightened too long ago so that this is no longer possible. Online casinos cannot offer services that they focus directly on Australia gamblers. Now that it is clear that the casino license for online gambling will come soon in our country, it is expected that in the future it is possible to play with Australia-speaking dealers. So far it is therefore English-speaking dealers in the casinos, but most Australia have no problems following this language.

More fun with other people

An advantage that causes many people to prefer gambling with real dealers about the online games, is that in this way playing will take care of more cosiness. After all, you can have an interaction with other people. You have the most important interaction with the dealer that you can see on your screen and can also be heard through a live video connection. The attractive men and women, who share the cards on the table or have the ball rolled into the roulette wheel, do everything to give you a good time. For example, they will jump with you if you know a nice price to win and respond to the texts that you type in the live chat. Through this chat option you can also often other people who are playing at the same table. Because of this social interaction you really get the feeling that gambling is a fun night out to the casino.

Higher insert limits at casino games

Also a big advantage of playing at a live casino online are the higher insert limits that apply here. If you are a highroller who would like to bet hundreds or thousands of euros per round then you are at the right place at the live dealer games. The bets with which you can gamble with these games are many times higher than at the online variants. Live roulette van NetENt has a betting limit of no less than 100,000 euros per round. For Live Blackjack from NetEnt, the limit is slightly lower, but with 5000 euros and the ability to spit and double you can also win gigantic amounts with this game. The exact limits for betting differ per online casino and the provider that allows live gambling. However, the maximum amounts are always higher than with the online games.