Published on November 5, 2019 in News

If you want to win a really large cash prize in a Holland Casino branch, it seems that you can travel best to the south of the country. To Eindhoven to be precise. Here, notably many large jackpots are won. The Australia State Casino has divided the country 14 different branches. In a period of just over three years, Happy Gambling won a total of more than 5.6 million euros in Jackpotten on the Mega Millions slots in a period of just over three years.

A huge amount and that also spread over various winners. This while in other locations over the same period is not won any comparable price. Last Saturday it was once again in Holland Casino Eindhoven. A man then won half a million euros with a commitment of only 4 euros.

500,000 euros with 4 euros

Saturday November 2 is a day that a male visitor from the Holland Casino in Eindhoven will not soon forget. He decided on that evening with a bet of 4 euros to let the rolls of the mega millions spinning slot. A decision that excited him for him. On the roles the symbols came to a pay line with which the jackpot is paid.

The man might be a little sorry that he had not deployed a euro. With the maximum bet, he would have won the full Jackpot of 1.1 million. Now he wins half and therefore more than 500,000 euros. Our expectation is that he will not complain too much about this amount won.

Three weeks ago 1.4 million

The profit in the Eindhoven casino is special. Namely it is the second time in three weeks that the price won in the same location. An event that has never happened before. Three weeks ago two friends were lucky when they decided together to take a gamble on the slot machine with progressive jackpot. They knew for no fewer than 1.4 million euros. No month later it is again price.

Four prize winners in the same location

The extremely short period between two prize winners is remarkable. However, if we look back a little further, it appears that many more lucky gamblers have come to Eindhoven. Last April there was a man who managed to win 2.7 million euros and in September of 2016 there was a couple who were allowed to take more than 1 million tax-free home.

The management of the Holland Casino is of course also proud that so many prizes were won in a short period in this establishment. They do also point out that it is mainly coincidence that so many people have won the jackpots here. There is no rational explanation for the phenomenon and the chances of winning are also no larger if you come to a chance in Brabant. However, if you are superstitious and suspect that there will be a winner again in a short time, then it might be worth traveling to the Holland Casino Eindhoven.

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