Published on March 15, 2022 in News

A famous game in the online casino is of course Baccarat. Maybe you sometimes have it online Baccarat played? Last week it was announced that this well-known game was committed in America fraud.

In the Encore Hotel in Boston, fraud would be committed by two players and a croupier. The players and the croupier were known to each other and would have worked together to light up the casino.

The fraud would have taken place two nights in succession. Then the three were arrested by the local authorities. The three had won a total of AU$ 19,700. Only it turned out to be unfortunately won in a fair way for players.

Encore Boston only opened its doors in 2019

The Encore Boston Harbor Hotel has only opened its doors in 2019. The hotel is part of Wynn Resorts and has an extensive casino. Here can Different casino games be played.

Croupier Jianming Li would have been guilty in this casino to cheating. In addition, the croupier has also made false declarations. The players are charged with false playing and conspiracy with a croupier.

The player would have the money obscuring is a former employee of the Encore in Boston. He would have devised a plan to handle his former employer a lot of money. With his plan he would have involved an old colleague.

Plans were discussed in the bathroom

The old employee would have booked a room at the hotel especially for this adventure. He then spoke to his old colleague in the bathroom of his hotel room. For example, the game with a special deck was played with marked cards. As a result, the player already knew which cards will be pulled soon.

Through a cell phone it was passed through a henchman what the player could choose best. For example, the player already knew to predict who was going to win. Because of this method they managed to handle $ 23,500.

According to sources this would only be the beginning and they were planning to make much more loot. The three suspects involved in the case may soon have to be discussed to discuss the case.

Casino has previously been negative in the news

Incidentally, this is not the first time this New casino Help the news. In 2019, research was also done by the authorities immediately after the opening. According to players, casino would disadvantage and light up customers. Players would be disadvantaged by the casino and this casino would always win thanks to smart tricks.

Although the casino soon came into the news, this turned out to be not true. The Encore Casino is just a legal casino where players can play safely. In fact, it is one of the largest casino resorts in the state of Massachuetts.

This time the casino is likely to be right that fraud is committed. The evidence seems to be clear to the disadvantage of the croupier and players. So you see that you can't get away with casino fraud!