Published on 27 June 2019 in News

A few years ago there was a provider of games of chance active on the internet that specialized in cashback bonuses. We are talking about no bonus casino that no bonuses for people who make a deposit, but a cashback arrangement. The popularity of the gambling has made us decide to devote a special page to one Detailed explanation of the cashback bonus. An arrangement that cannot really be called a bonus. It is namely a way to get money back that you have lost at moments that happiness was not on your side. Among Australia people, the popularity of the No Bonus Casino has now also drastically decreased. Not so bad, because we are no longer welcome to gamble on the website. This remains the question. Are there still casinos in 2019 that offer a cashback bonus?

How does the traditional cashback work?

Let's first start the news item with another short explanation how the traditional cashback bonus works. The name bonus for this advantage at an online casino may be wrong. You don't get an additional offered such as free money or free spins in exchange for depositing money or placing an X amount. This arrangement is actually there to give you an extra chance to win back your money if you have lost this. Suppose a 10% cashback is offered. In that case you don't get along when lucky and you lose 100 euros during gambling, for example, the next day 10 euros back on your account. You naturally hope that happiness is now on your side and that you can return your original deposit with the money or maybe make a nice profit.

Money back with loyalty programs

The cashback bonus as explained above is not offered to us in this form Reliable casinos for Australia people. So this means a money back arrangement that is standard for everyone who gambles. However, there are providers with other promotions that allow you to get money back. For example, there are loyalty programs. This rewards gamblers as they are active on the website more often. The big difference is that you don't necessarily have to lose to get the cashback. The more you bet, the more points for the loyalty program you collect. If you have collected an X number of points, you will find a level higher and you will receive a reward for this.

Up to 10,000 euros cashback at Bob's casino

Bob’s casino Is a provider that offers such a loyalty program for people who gamble on their website. You can find an explanation of the program if you look in the menu under 'Rewards'. You see that there are 22 levels for Bob's Rewards. Everyone who dies a gaming automatically takes the VIP program. The first level achieved by collecting 20 points will not be such a big problem. For this you get a small reward of 10 Free Spins on the Boomanji Slot. Get up to your level 22, the reward is a lot bigger. You will then receive 10,000 euros to free money. Incidentally, this will be a goal that will never reach most gamblers. To get to the highest level you have to collect 300,000 points. For a single point you have to place 18 euros in bets. That means that you should play 5.4 million euros in the casino.