Published on April 30, 2019 in News

When the Gambling Distance Gambling Act was adopted in the Senate and thus the road is made free for the Legalization of online gambling in the Australia, the decision has also been made to make clear agreements about the rules regarding advertising for online casinos. To date, all laws and rules regarding gambling ads are not yet laid down. It is already clear that, for example, only advertisements may be shown during the evenings on radio and television. This tries to achieve that as little minister of television viewers as possible to see the complaints. However, more rules must be elaborated that really make it clear to the casinos, which is not permitted. Politics will probably also look at other countries in drafting the final legislation and regulations to other countries. It is therefore interesting to follow that various European countries are threatening guessing ads to ties.

Sweden is considering prohibition of advertising

Which has brought about this thought and writing this news item with us is the message that Sweden is considering banning advertising for casinos. Here will be discussed in the coming month by political parties and the authorities that have the task of monitoring the providers of games of chance in the Scandinavian country. Only since the beginning of this year the online gambling in Sweden has been officially legalized. With the ability to request licenses and legally operate from the country, the number of complaints that promote the car from a gamble are also increased. Here the necessary comment has been commented with the result that the coming weeks will be examined whether a complete ban on gambling ads is necessary.

Ads in Italy already laid tires

The chance is greater that stricter restrictions will apply to advertising online gambling instead of a complete ban. This has also been implemented in Italy last year. Here the number of ads was mainly grown on television to an unacceptable level. People could no longer look television program without being interrupted by commercials that matches gambling at an online casino. At the moment in the country is only permitted to make commercials for betting on sports competitions. A so-called whistle has been introduced into a whistle signal line. This means that the commercials may be shown from the moment the competition starts until it ends.

United Kingdom expects self restrictions

It is not only the European countries where gambling via the internet is only legalized where the votes to set restrictions for gambling ads. Also in the United Kingdom, where the online games of chance have been regulated for years, these days, votes are going to tire the comments on various mediums. This sound is becoming increasingly strong and therefore the authority that the providers checked the notification that the casinos themselves must come up with restrictions. If these self-restrictions do not meet the wishes of the majority, rules will be imposed from outside and they can sometimes be a lot stricter when it comes to the time.

Need for gambling ads the Australia

As stated in the Australia, the subject of advertisements that promote gambling is also mentioned. During the meeting on the assumption of the Distance Gambling Act has already shown that various political parties would like to see a total ban on guess advertisements. However, the minister believes that there is a need for gambling advertisements in the Australia. The reasoning behind this is that the Australia consumers should be informed after the legalization of online gambling which providers are legal. By just the Legal casinos in the Australia To allow ads to be broadcast on television, for example, this will be clear to consumers. They then know where they can safely take a gamble because the provider is supervised by the Australia gaming authority.