Published on May 19, 2022 in News

In October 2019, the happiness of a player from Belgium could not pick up after winning the Mega Fortune Jackpot. The Belgian from Sint-Truiden won an amount of more than AU$ 2.2 million in a Legal Online Casino from Belgium.

After winning the Jackpot, the Belgian cheering a screenshot. The adrenaline flew through his body and he could hardly believe it. Only the moment he clicks on it he receives the message: The Round was interupted.

Immediately after the notification, the complete website is out for an hour. An hour later the Belgian can finally come to the website again. Only he sees that only AU$ 56.26 is credited to its account. Nothing can be found about winning the Mega Fortune Jackpot.

Belgian disables lawyer for a solution

The Belgian from Sint-Truiden decides to put a lawyer on it. Because it is a legal online casino from Belgium, he can take steps. The lawyer indicates that an online casino is required to keep a datasheet of payouts and bets. Here you should be in that the Belgian has won AU$ 2.2 million. In addition, his client also has a screenshot of the amount won.

The online casino claims that it is a technical malfunction and that the Belgian suddenly received a Jackpot. As a result, the website also fell completely from the air after winning the jackpot. According to the online casino, the player would not have won jackpot and have no right to it.

The Belgian is happy that he has made a screenshot and wants to get his money out. If the player does not get the Jackpot, he is planning to go to court. The chance that he still gets the money is great according to the lawyer.

Belgian gambling committee can take steps

The Belgian gambling committee has also been informed of the story of the Belgian. They indicate that they want to start an investigation into the case.

If it appears that the legal online casino from Belgium indeed frauds the permit can be withdrawn. In addition to withdrawing the license The website can expect a considerable fine. For example, the gambling committee is trying to keep gambling safe.

According to the gambling committee, it is not possible to require the money on behalf of the player. The gambling committee does indicate that this is possible through the court. If the player is assimilated, the online casino must still pay the money.

Lawyer first tries to get out with the online casino

The Belgian lawyer indicates that they first want to give the website a fair chance to let the money turn out. The website would be a study to do where it is wrong and whether the player has indeed won AU$ 2.2 million.

If the website does not overflow, the lawyer intends to go to court. According to the lawyer, there is a good chance that the player still gets his money. Mega Fortune is a game in which millions are regularly paid out. The NetEnt slot machine AU$ 11 million turned out to a 20-year-old Norwegian in 2011.