Published on December 31, 2017 in News

Most people who want to gamble at an online casino are looking for a bonus with which they can get free money. An additional amount of money on top of your deposit speaks much more to the imagination than an amount of free spins that you cannot immediately determine the value. A free spins bonus Is the other alternative to the free money benefit. Preferred is not surprising because free gambling money has different benefits. For example, you can choose yourself which game you want to play with this and it is also immediately clear what the amount you have to put the minimum number of times to play the bonus free. However, a free spins bonus can turn out even more economically for various reasons. In the following news item we therefore discuss the benefits of Free Spins compared to free money.

Play free money on video slots

What many people do not immediately realize is that at most Australia casinos they have one online Free money bonus also need to play on video slots. You will only find out here when you read the terms of an online casino bonus. In many cases, it states that the bonus money can only be released on slots. If the bets are already counting at table games, this is often only 5 or 10 percent so that you have to play the money around 20 to 10 times as many times. The freedom to play every game of your choice with your free money is often no more than an illusion. You must first use the Free Spins on the video slot for which the bonus is meant. After playing the spins you can take your profit and further gamble at a different game of choice of your choice.

Free spins benefit can rise higher

The value of a free spins bonus is often not immediately clear. On the website, in most cases, there is no information at all how much the bet per spin is. Of course you never know what month you will last to the online play on the online slot. It is clear that you are going to earn something, because if you can play a video slot for free, all the prices you drag into pure win. If the luck is on your side, your benefit can get a lot higher than the few hundred euros that you can get on top of your deposit as bonus money. Of course you are still with the problem that the profit you achieved as bonus money is seen and that you have to use this an X number of times to play it free. However, this is the biggest advantage of the free spins bonus.

Free playing of bonus money starts immediately

Again you get behind some disadvantages of bonuses when you read the conditions properly. For example, you will discover that much Australia casinos A rule handling that your bonus money only starts playing when the original amount you have deposited is lost. You then have 30 days to meet the insert requirement. Great if you want to keep an all or nothing strategy, because in that case the chances are that you end with a profit because it can take a double as long as you are blut when you get a 100% bonus on top of your deposit. The conditions are more favorable with a free spins bonus. Here you don't have to lose the amount deposited. It is not even clear how much profit you will achieve with the spins. The release will therefore go easier because you can start here immediately. You don't get less time for this, because free spins bonuses must be released in most cases within 7 days.