Published on August 19, 2018 in News

Have you ever wondered if there is a best day of the week to gamble online? A few weeks ago I had to book a flight ticket for the summer vacation and after some research I discovered that the day of the week on which you book a big difference in the purchase price can bring about. Now only online casinos have few similarities with websites that you can buy airline tickets. Yet I began to ask myself by asking this event if there is also a difference for online gambling between the days of the week. Again I started my research but this time with a different subject. And guess what? There is a day of the week that is best to give a chance online. Read on to find out on which day your shops are greatest.

On which days do casinos want you gambling?

Before you stop reading with reading because you suspect I'm just writing nonsense, I first want to make it clear that the day you gambling does not have no on your chances for a specific chance game. So you will no longer have hands in blackjack or more spins on slots if you decide to take a gamble on Wednesday instead of Monday. However, what can make a difference in your chances to finish profit are the Online casino bonuses They are offered. We are in particular about the reload bonuses that you get to reload your account. These offers are not done daily. The casinos offer the promotions on the days that they would love to gamble. At those moments you can get some extras with which you can indeed improve your shopping opportunities.

Pack extra bonus benefit for the weekend

Online casinos want to prefer to gamble with them at the weekend. What exactly the reason for this is not entirely sure. I myself expect it to do with the fact that people deal with their money less economical about the weekend. For the days off, we often express a larger budget than for weekdays. In any case, it is clear that the casino's gamblers preferred during the weekend. We know this because most gambling sites are their weekly Reload bonuses Offer on the first days of the weekend. Friday the most occurs, but there are also providers where you can pack extra free money or free spins on Saturday. The Friday is therefore the best day of the week to gamble online.

Example of a weekly reload bonus

Now that we have made the results of our Research, to the best day to gamble, known. Of course you also want to come up with examples. We don't have to look far away. Multiple casinos that we have written reviews about our site, offer weekly reload bonuses that you can use just before the weekend. The current number three from our list of best casinos is an example of this. Bee PlayAmo Can players use the Friday Reload every Friday. If you do a deposit on this day, you will receive a 50% free money bonus up to a maximum amount of 250 euros. In addition, you also get 100 Free Spins for the Fire Lightning Slot. You get 50 Free Spins on Saturday (24 hours after the deposit) and another 50 spins you get on Sunday. You can go ahead with this advantage all weekend and your chance to end up with a profit after your gambling session is significant by the bonus.