Published on February 5, 2019 in News

We have already given the readers of our website the advice more often when it can make use of an online casino bonus. Certainly one Welcome bonus You shouldn't skip. The advantage that you get to deposit the first time, you can make chances of making a profit significantly increasing. It is good advice for anyone who wants to start with online gambling. However, we must also advise these starting gamblers how they can best meet the conditions of the bonus. An important condition that must be paid is the wagon requirement. Within a period of usually 30 days, the free money from the bonus must be used a minimum number of times. Only when the Wagering requirement has been met you can really keep the money. In today's news item we are going to talk about the best video slot for releasing a welcome bonus.

100% deployment for wagon requirement

You can do bonus money best to gamble on video slots. The online slots may not offer the very best chances, but the bets that you make with these games of chance have counted 100% for the Wagering Requirement. This is not the case with table games such as Blackjack and Punto Banco. In the bonus conditions, almost always describes that bets for these games of chance, do not count at all or only for a small percentage. This means that you have to place up to 20 times as many bets to meet the Wagering Requirement. This is not done by this one percent more likely to win. Your best option is therefore playing on a video slot. But which of the hundreds of different games can you choose the best? We tell you what to look out for when making a choice.

RTP percentage and variety of videos lock

What most people look at when choosing a video slot for bonus money frames is the RTP percentage. The abbreviation RTP stands for Return to Player. It is therefore the percentage of money that will be paid back to the players. You can also simply call it the payout percentage of the slot machine. Fortunately, this percentage lies nice and high for online video slots. For most games you can expect that for every 100 euros to bets, between 94 and 96 euros will be paid to the players again. An important fact because if you have to use a few thousand euros to play a bonus free, then a single percent higher is a difference of dozens of euros.

Wherever you should pay attention to is what the so-called variety of a video slot is. If this is low, this means that you win a lot of prices from a low amount. A high variety means fewer prices, but larger amounts. For releasing a bonus you can best choose a low variety. You will then have fewer fluctuations in your balance and the chance is greater that you still spend a nice amount from the free money after you have placed the minimum number of bets.

Three good options from Net Entertainment

The RTP percentage of video slots, and whether it is a low or high variety game, you can easily find on the internet with a simple search in Google. We have already done research for you and also know from experience what the best options are. Personally we play the sweetest slots Net Entertainment. NetEnt video slots are reliable, of good quality and offer an excellent payout percentage. Below is a list of three games of chance that are excellent for the purpose.

  • Jack Hammer 2 (RTP 97% en low variance)
  • Starburst (RTP 96% en low variance)
  • Gonzos Quest (RTP 96% en median variance)

A good welcome bonus to start with is that of Dunder Casino... With this provider you can get up to 600 euros to free money on four deposits. The low-weding requirement that prescribes that the money must also be used for at least 25X.