Published on August 28, 2017 in News

The question: Which Nederlands Casino has the best welfare bonus often comes to our orore. This is also not so strange because with such a bonus you can get a big advantage that will significantly increase your chances of profit during gambling. After all, an online casino bonus delivers you free money to gamble with. The Australia online casino that offers the greatest advantage of welcome bonus is often the provider where most gamblers will play. Which casino offers the best welfare bonus cannot be answered by simply looking at where your first deposit with the largest percentage of free money will be increased. To identify the best offer, we must look further and also study the bonus conditions.

Quantity and percentage of free money

Getting free money to gamble is of course nice. When you visit a website of a Australia casino, you will therefore always have great picture of what you can get to your first deposit. For example, this can be in great figures that you get 100% of your first deposit as a free bonus money. In addition to the percentage, the amount of money you can get free is also important. A 100% bonus where you can get a maximum of 50 euros free is interesting for someone who intended to deposit a small amount. If you prefer large amounts, you can achieve more advantage from a 50% bonus where you can get a maximum of 200 euros free money.

Insert requirement and games that count

Of course you also have to look beyond the search for the best online casino bonus than just the information that is on the homepage of the website. A high percentage and amount of free money do not mean much if conditions are made here that you cannot possibly meet. The most important conditions is the insert requirement. To find these you must read the terms of the welcome bonus. This requires the wagon requirement and more conditions that are set to the use of the bonus. The number of times that your bonus money must bet differs per provider and can vary from 25 times to 50 times. You also have to pay attention to which games count to meet the bet condition. In many cases, certain games are excluded or count them for a percentage. If you are planning to play the bonus with, for example, Blackjack or Roulette, you should pay attention to this.

Three of the best welcome bonuses

Now that you have been able to take the above information to you, you will understand that the best welfare bonus can be different for every Australia gambler. The best offer depends on the amount that you are planning to deposit, with which games you would like to gamble and how much time you want to pull out to free the bonus inside the stipulated period. We have listed three of the best welfare bonuses at Australia casinos online so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

  • Casinoland..
    With this online casino you can get no less than 800 euros to free money about your first four deposits. The first time depositing money delivers a 100% bonus with a maximum of 200 euros. The bonus money must be added Casinoland.. Being 40 times used and all table games do not count with this.
  • dunder
    It Dunder Casino.. Offers a welcome bonus where you get 600 euros about four deposits. The advantage starts with a doubling of the first deposit up to a maximum of 50 euros. What makes this bonus interesting is the low bet requirement of 25x and the fact that bets on table games measured for 10%.
  • Green
    The man in the green suit it Mr. Green casino Runt offers various benefits for people making their first deposit. Players can choose whether they want a 100% bonus up to 100 euros or a special cashback offer for the live casino. This last offer does not have a bet requirement and can be used in the live casino.