Published on August 25, 2019 in News

In the Australia, gambling and offering games of games are permitted. A law has been drawn up in December of 1964 to ensure that consumers are protected against the dangers of gambling addiction and give them the guarantee that gambling providers give fair opportunities to win. That then has not changed to the law more than 55 years that is another story. The point that we want to make is that for residents of Australia legally gambling is possible.

This is not the case in all countries. In countries with strict Islamic legislation, for example, it is not permitted to gamble. Many people were therefore very surprised that early this month it was announced that a much-discussed world title fight boxing will take place in Saudi Arabia. A consequence of this is, among other things, that Bookmaker William Hill will not be seen as a fixed sponsor on the ring floor.

Boxing and the relationship with gambling

That the decision causes so much surprise mainly has to do with the relationship that the sport of boxing with gambling has. The biggest battles are not held for nothing in cities around the world where gambling is permitted. Historically, the boxing matches that have taken most of the money took place almost all in Las Vegas. This is no coincidence. A large part of the income is generated by bets that are closed on the competition.

In addition, someone who has deployed money on the winner will also be more prepared to pay something to see the fight. It ensures that boxers and promoters close lucrative sponsor contracts with bookmakers. For example, William Hill is the regular sponsor of Anthony Joshua. When the Brit fights, the floor of the ring is always blue in color and printed with the online bookmaker's logo.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua is without a doubt the most famous boxer in recent years. The young until recently undefeated professional boxer had four of the five titles in the heavyweight boxing. The plans were to set up a battle for the last belt and to crown a so-called Undisputed Champion. An event that has no longer occurred in this weight class since Lennox Lewis has been more than 20 years ago.

As you can prepare a bit from my words, it is not entirely according to Joshua this year. Contract discussions with the latest champion that still had to be defeated (Deanday Wilder) walked. It was then decided to set up an intermediary. However, his opponent was caught and doping and then a Mexican boxer reported with the name Andy Ruiz Jr. voluntarily to take over the place. Virtually nobody gave the Mexican any chance to win. However, it turned out differently and AJ was beaten in the seventh round by Ruiz Ko.

However, a rematch clause was included in the pre-signed contract. This means that Ruiz mandatory must give Joshua a chance to recover his loss. This fight will take place in Saudi Arabia in December this year.

Gambling prohibited in Saudi Arabia

In disbelief this month was responded to the news on the news that the much-discussed rematch will take place in Saudi Arabia. Gambling is banned in the country. This means that main sponsor William Hill cannot show the logo of their company on the ring floor. They can, however, advelerate for their product with television broadcasts. They can, for example, during the advertising blocks in the run-up to the world title fight bonuses Offer to attract gamblers.

However, the images that will undoubtedly leave the world afterwards have no gambling advertising. It means a SMAK less income that arrives. The local Oilsjiks and the Saudi royal family will undoubtedly have put a lot of millions to attract the fight. We also wonder how many British will travel to the country in the Middle East. After all, the British box fans are known to be a drink. However, alcohol is also strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.