Published on April 9, 2022 in News

Last year the special story of Andy Green became known in the news. The Brit won a Jackpot of AU$ 1.8 million in January 2018. He won the jackpot one slot machine with a progressive jackpot. After celebrating his profit he was told that it has been a software error. For compensation, she wanted to pay him AU$ 60,000, but not the AU$ 1.8 million.

Of course, the Brit did not decide to agree with the compensation. He decided to engage a lawyer. This decided to fight the jackpot through the Supreme Court. The Brit had a screenshot on which it was clear that he had become millionaire and did not win AU$ 60,000.

Supreme Court ruled in favor of Andy Green

After long litigation, the court finally made a binding statement. The Brit indeed had the right to AU$ 1.8 million. Namely there was no evidence that the Brit was not entitled to this at all. Although it would be one softwarefout Then this is really the problem of the online casino.

Because the case has occurred to the Supreme Court, Betfred can no longer appeal. The online casino is obliged to definitively turn off the complete jackpot. The Brit gives to be incredibly happy and especially relieved. He can finally uncork the champagne with his family.

For the lawsuit to take place, Andy Green was actually completely done. Due to the many procedures, he had become depressed. He didn't like it all and he almost wanted to have won the jackpot. Fortunately for the Brit, it all turns out to be worth more than ever.

Online Casino Brittferd also gives a response to the statement

Online Casino Brittferd says something to be able to do this. The Jackpot and the game is built by an external software supplier. After the jackpot was won, Brittferd has laid down this neatly with this supplier. The supplier must pay this. Only then to hear from this company to hear that it was a software error.

According to the company, Andy Green could not win AU$ 1.8 million at all. Through a mistake, the jackpot was paid three times, which amounted to AU$ 1.8 million. This was really a mistake in the game and he only had the right to the standard jackpot. The software supplier found that Brittferd had to take the settlement for AU$ 60,000.

According to Bratferd, there are still ways to appeal. But they find that the case has been playing too long and has taken care of many negative messages. That is why they decide to adhere to the decision of the court. The online casino plans to apologize to Mr Green and transfer the money.

For players In the online casino It is clear that you always have to make a screenshot when winning a large amount. In the past it has become clear that this can wage more often. Especially if it ever arrives to a lawsuit.