Published on November 16, 2018 in News

The stories of people who managed to win enormous amounts at a casino online, we always like to share on our website. We prefer to make as many details as possible from what exactly happened before and after the time the price has been won. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because the winners are not obliged to announce their personal details and experience after winning a price. What we often see is that when the winner comes from the United Kingdom that they have little effort to make details of their adventure known. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that British does not have to pay tax on profits that they have obtained with gambling. At least we are happy that with our readers we can share the special story of a British man who managed to win 4.6 million euros with a commitment of just 90 cents.

Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot

The price of several million euros managed to win the man Videos lock from NetEnt called Mega Fortune Dreams. It is a lock that is related to the standard Mega Fortune slot. However, the Dreams version is only available with a limited number of casinos. The 49-year-old Brit played at the time of a bingo site that is part of the Kindred Group. A company that runs several online casino sites, including Unibet And Maria Casino. It is the 24you are Winner of the Progressive Mega Jackpot on this slot. All these people are millionaire after winning the price and most can even call themselves multi-millionaire. So also the 49-year-old British man who was no less than 4,645,001 euros, or 4,082,246 pounds, managed to win.

Gamble during a sleepless night

That there is another online gambler that can call himself from a multi-millionaire at the next is already a nice story in itself. However, when you get all the details of this profit, the story will only become nicer. For example, the man on NetEnt has announced that the price has been won with the lowest bet per spin that is possible at the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot. He played with only 90 cents per spider. Also a nice detail is that the man was still in his bed for a few minutes before a long day, but couldn't catch sleep. He therefore decided to come out of bed and playing something at the online casino. The moment the price appeared on his screen, the man had almost fallen asleep again. What exactly stood on the screen was clearly clear after he has started getting his glasses. Only at that moment did he realize what exactly happened.

Life of winner and loved ones changed drastically

In a response, the man lets know that winning the price are not alone, but has also changed the life of his loved ones dramatically. The Brit is caused by anything but stingy with his money. For example, he says that he has almost a million of the prize money giving away to friends and family. He also bought an Aston Martin DB11 and a Jaguar XJ for his father. Furthermore, the man announced that he has stopped working and will travel with the whole family soon. This is another story from a mega jackpot winner that speaks to the imagination. Would you also handle your money as generous if you can win a prize from several million? It is nice to fantasize about this. You can also try your luck in one of the Casinos online where Australia people have a chance to win a Jackpot price.