Published on March 29, 2022 in News

The UK Gambling Commission distributed a fine of 6 million British pounds last week. This amounts to approximately AU$ 7 million. The fine was distributed to the online casino case.

The UK Gambling Commission is actually the gaming authority of Great Britain. They supervise online casinos in Great Britain. If the casinos do not adhere to British regulations, they run the risk of a substantial fine. Casumo now shows the 2e to be tapped on the fingers in a few years.

Fortunately, Casumo is not a famous name where we are one casino review have written. But if we can believe the latest news, it is not recommended to create an account here. This online casino regularly goes on violation. In 2018, the online casino was fined 5.85 pounds.

UKGC keeps strict supervision of online casinos

Yet we are not allowed to completely like a case Unreliable online casino to note. In 2018 the company was imposed the fine because they did too little on gambling addiction prevention. There were no limits for players. This means that players could deposit large amounts on their account and with this could gamble.

Normally it is common that there is a limit for a deposit in the casino. For example, you can deposit up to a maximum of AU$ 4,000 per day. These types of limits should prevent gambling addiction according to the UKGC. Because this limit was not there, Casumo had imposed the mega fine.

Again Casumo is discredited because of a gambling addiction

Just like last time, Casumo is again discredited because of a player who became addicted on the website. The player in question managed to pour 1.1 million British pound in just 3 years. The player was heavily addicted and had asked several times for help. Casumo failed to talk to the player.

This is not the only case that has been reported to the UKGC. For example, another player would have 65,000 pounds in just a month time. A third player who reported to the UKGC would have 76,000 British pounds in seven months.

Casumo is obliged to get in touch with the player in this type of major amounts. Casumo should go into conversation to find out if the player is not addicted. These are the standard procedures that belong to Responsibe gaming.

Second yellow card for Casumo

With the reasons of the rules, they are not only presented a mega fine. The online casino has also had its second yellow card. In a third they are officially lost their license in Great Britain. They are then no more legally online casino.

Great Britain is not the only country that the company opens. In Belgium this online casino has been on the official black list since 2015. Belgians are not allowed to play and are not allowed.

The Australia casino license also distributed a fine of AU$ 310,000 to Casumo in 2019. They would have emphatically approached Australia players without permit. The casino still fought this with a lawsuit, but this is not yet handled at the moment of writing.