Published on March 27, 2019 in News

No day passes that the latest developments are discussed in the news about the possible future brexit. For the people who have lived under a stone in recent years or may have just been awakened from a coma, Brexit is the name for the plans of the United Kingdom to step out of the EU. This decision was taken 2 years ago after a majority of the British has indicated in a referendum would rather go back to independence. Since then, there has been a lot to do about the conditions that an exit from the European Union is possible for both parties. Until now, no agreement has been reached where both parties can live with and the time starts to penetrate.

We can imagine that you are now killed by all that Brexit news. However, it is not to avoid if you want to stay informed of what is going on in the world. Therefore make it a bit more interesting for yourself and conclude just like the British gamble on the political events that are to happen.

Brexit bets

With the British bookmakers can be gambled in all kinds of political events. The Brexit bets that are offered here have been very popular lately. Due to the excessive reporting, everyone also has an opinion on the subject. There are a number of different bets that are offered. For example, you can bet on the date on which you expect that the Brexit will take place, whether there will be a deal between the United Kingdom and the EU, what will happen when the EXIT is a fact and whether there is this Year of European elections will be held in the country on the other side of the North Sea.

The bet that will be a Brexit for March 29 (2 years after Article 50) has been popular for a while. It doesn't seem that many people still expect that this will happen in this short term. In November of the previous year, the chances were 50/50, but now you can get 60 times your money will be paid when you put a bet on a goodbye from the EU in the next two days.

Next prime minister

Whatever a lot is used by the British who will be the next prime minister and how long the current it can continue to keep. Theresa May is currently the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. You should often hear this name in the news. The woman has sustained heavily lately. The deals arranged by May for an ordered exit from the European Union have been aligned with a large majority. It is therefore not surprising that most people think they will not reach the end of the year. When you put money that Theresa May will be finished in 2019, you will only make 10 cents profit on every euro that you bet on this. If the next MP will be, the bookmakers also have an opinion about that. At the moment they consider Michael Gove from the conservative party most opportunities. The eccentric ex-mayor of London and Groot Brexit proponent Boris Johnson comes in second place.

Just like for the various sports, bookmakers employ specialists who determine the quotes for betting on political events such as the Brexit. What's all known as news from this naturally has a major impact. You can do a hit here if you know how to analyze news on time and correctly. It allows all the inevitable Brexit news in any case a lot more interesting. This is what many British apparently think. This is because it is used quite a bit on the expected political events in the country.