Published on May 27, 2022 in News

Today, during a new press conference, it has been announced that the casino can be open again from 1 July. In the first instance it would be casino Only when one of the last sectors are allowed to open again. The old target date of September 1 is early to July 1.

The branch organization for games of chance had previously indicated being disappointed in the new opening date of 1 September. They had informed this in an official statement with the Holland Casino. The sector had considered measures for the new 1.5 meter society.

Premier Rutte seems to be clearly listened to the feedback from the industry. The date of September 1 is for the time being early to July 1. If the industry is ready, they can really open on 1 July.

Rutte emphasizes that the date can be postponed

Rutte emphasizes that 1 July is a temporary target date. If the Corona infections increase again, the casinos remain closed. The prime minister previously indicated that it is a moment to turn the buttons to control Corona.

As a country we want to open things again. If it appears that some measures take care of more infections, things close again. It is therefore incredibly important that we hold the new 1.5 meter society.

Only if we continue to take the distance in eight and listen to the rules, things can open again. It is therefore important that we continue to take the rules into account as much as possible. After all, we don't want to get back again.

Holland Casino is happy with the decision

It Holland casino is happy with the decision to open the casinos earlier. At this time, 8,000 people are unnecessarily at home. In addition, she will have a social function as a casino.

The Holland Casino is a place where players can gamble safely and reliably. Now that players cannot go to the casino they go online gambling. The online casino is tolerated, but has no social supervision.

This means that players with a gambling addiction do not get help from the Australia. Only when the online casinos are legalized can play the right guidance. Until then they can only go to foreign authorities.

Holland Casino indicates that they expect a large group of people to gamble online now because they cannot go to them. Research has also shown that players indicate faster online to gamble now that everything is closed.

Australia Online Casino License is coming

In the meantime, the KSA hardly works behind the scenes Australia Online Casino License. The intention is that the first online casinos open from 1 January. Until then, players can only go to foreign websites.

As a result, the industry is missing a lot of money because they cannot access players online to gamble. Existing casinos would have already registered on the license. They would have liked to have had their site online during the temporary closure.

In the meantime, the Holland Casino is already working hard on a solution to make players gamble safe. Various measures are taken to respond to the 1.5 meter society.