Published on January 19, 2022 in News

A striking court case has started in Den Bosch this week. Here you will find three suspects for the evasion of tax as managers of a casino in Heeze. In itself a very special story of course because more owners of companies must appear before the court if there is a suspicion that they deliberately pay too little tax. However, if you hear how the casino owners have tried to get away with their crime, you will understand why we have decided to devote a news item here. The woman and two men have manipulated slots and other slot machines to pay out prizes. These actions can come to persons expensive because they have since demanded prison sentences between 12 and 20 months against him.

More paid, less gambling tax

Evaluation of taxes as a manager of games of chance, is where the aforementioned suspects are accused by the public prosecutor. The three people are all family of each other. A 55-year-old father, a 27-year-old son and a 33-year-old daughter must appear before the judge. The trick that they have probably applied is that they allowed gambling prices to pay herself. As a result, the casino was therefore more paid and they had to pay less gambling tax.

80% less profit than national average

For a long time, this has also gone well, because according to FIOD, the family has given up more than 2,3 million euros between 2012 and 2017 too little of gambling tax. The financial investigation has started after a tip from the tax authorities. They discovered when checking the data that the slots at the casino in Heeze pays no less than 80% less profit than the national average. This trend was also visible over a period of several years. An investigation was established and striking evidence has been found for the accusations.

Daughter signed declarations on behalf of father

During the court case, all suspects seemed that they knew nothing about the things that the public prosecutor accused them of. For example, the daughter is suspected of being counterfeit the accounting. After all, her name was to see as an accountant of the company on tax returns. The daughter's story, however, is that they simply signed the declarations on behalf of her father and actually didn't actually know anything from the dates that were filled in.

Slot machine software trick and downfall

What it seems to it is that the owners of the casino have paid great cash prizes to themselves by influencing the software of slot machines. With special hacker software, slots were manipulated and guaranteed prices on the roulette machines were provided. This software trick now also seems to have become the fall. The FIOD also used this to look at all prices paid out by the software.

This showed that large amounts have been paid after closing time. According to the software, several players all put their bets on a single song in this period and won 6 to 10 rounds in succession. The chance that this happens can of course be considered nil. Father and son have still tried to get out of these accusations by arranging that the building will then be entered after midnight unauthorized persons who then have applied this trick. However, this defense was also fairly easy to refute by the surveillance camera images and notifications at alarm centers.

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