Published on 6 May 2022 in News

Today, during the press conference, it has become known that the ordinary casino is closed until 1 September. Unfortunately, this means that we still cannot visit a casino for the time being.

In a recent study, it came to the point that most players already started missing the casino after 2 weeks. The number of players that now miss the casino will continue even further in the coming weeks.

Most players must do without their favorite casino for the next four months. Incidentally, these rules are temporary. If a new pandemic will expire later, the rules will become stricter again.

September 1 can be seen best for players as a target date. The cabinet does not want to think about a relaxation of the measures until that time. This will be for most Gambling halls Being a huge disappointment.

Holland Casino had already devised measures

It Holland casino Will be very disappointed in the choice of the cabinet to remain obliged to closely closely. As a company, they had already devised itself to the past few weeks to open.

For example, they thought about protecting staff and regulating visitors. Not all tables would be occupied and distance is saved. By meeting the 1.5 meter rules, the Holland Casino had hoped to open earlier.

Unfortunately, the measures they had devised seem to be sufficient. The cabinet mainly wants most Australia people staying at home as much as possible. If the casino opens, this ensures more people on the street. As a result, the chance of a new pandemic increases.

In recent months, O.A. has had the closure of the casino's effect on the number of sick in the Australia. We saw the number of patients decrease in recent weeks. Unfortunately, as a society, we still have to hold on for a while.

Online casino will get even more visitors

Now it appears that the casinos remain closed for the time being, there is a good chance that more players will seek their resort online. Most players want to take a gamble. They have always been inside and want to get out.

It Live Casino Seems like a nice alternative to players who still like to find the experience of a real casino. The players get the feeling that they are really present in a casino. Unfortunately it is a studio, but this doesn't matter because it is more than its own home environment.

There is a good chance that a new investigation will soon take place under regular casino players. The players will be asked if they are still not visiting a legal online casino. Or that they are now tightened the measures are overflow to take a gamble online.

Experts from the branch expect the number of online players will continue to rise. Players also want to gamble especially if they have regularly done this online. We also see this with web shops that suddenly boost a huge turnover. The online casinos will meet the same boost.