Published on September 5, 2017 in News

We can give many different reasons why Casinoland.. Until the absolute top of Australia casinos online. The great game offer, the generous Welcome bonus And a well-accessible help desk are some examples. However, in today's news item we want to have a different positive property of the provider. The subject of this message is the Loyalty Club of Casinoland. With this, players who are loyal to the casino reward with nice extras in the form of Free Spins. What you can get exactly for your loyalty and how to claim you can live in this news item.

Rise to Platinum level by gambling a lot

Every player who starts with gambling at Casinoland is also automatically also a member of the Loyalty Club, or the loyalty club. After logging in to your account you can see the progression bar of this club. In the beginning every player will start at the bronze level. The more money is used during gambling, the faster you will increase a level higher. The intention is to get the progression bar full with you. Every time the end has been reached you have reached a higher level. In total there are four levels that rise from: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. At the end of the month, the beam is reset to zero again.

Free spins rewards and deployment requirements

Every time you know a level higher in the casinoland loyalty program, a reward is waiting for you. These come in the form of Free Spins. All players with the bronze level receive 10 free spins with a value of 20 cents. A level higher with silver, another 20 free spins come with the same value. At the gold level, the number of spins drops to 6, but the value is rising to 1 euro per spin. On the Platinum level you get another 8 spins that are worth 1 euros each. So in total you can gamble every month for 20 euros. Interestingly, the insert requirement for the bonus fee will go down with every higher level. A gambler at the bronze level must use the profit from the Free Spins 40 times. With silver this is only 20 times. For players who have achieved gold and platinum, only a betting requirement of 1 times the bonus money applies.

Choose what games you play

Bee Free Spins Bonuses Is usually determined by the casino for you on which video slots you can play. The spins that you can get through the loyalty club give you the choice of which games you want to use it. Casinoland makes a selection from the most popular games every month from which you can select your favorite game. Incidentally, it is also important to know that only bets made on the slots in the casino, count to save points for the loyalty club. It is a unique advantage with which you can earn a nice extra bonus every month.