Published on March 20, 2019 in News

With the Announced legalization of online gambling in the Australia, many companies will prepare themselves to invest heavily in our country. After all, it is an attractive prospect to start an online casino in a country where the average resident earlier deserves and quite a bit of money in the month to give a chance. This is also the reason that at the time casinos are really booming business in Southeast Asia. In the region, the middle class in a record temp and also the very poorest car also grows a gamble. In different countries, income from casinos growing in rapid train. It is also the reason that various mega projects are being built that should be completed in the coming years. For a vacation to gamble, Las Vegas will soon be the adventure option.

Existing casino hotspots

Most people sometimes have heard of the Gokstad Macau. The place is actually a mini-state full of luxury casinos and is also called the Monte Carlo of the East. In Macau, the taxes made by the Mega Casinos are good for more than 80 percent of the country's gross national product. This place to gamble has been established for some time. The same applies to Singapore. This small country is not full of casinos, but here is the world famous Marina Bay Sands to be found. Although it is almost impossible for Singaporeans itself to give a chance, things are apparently so good that the hotel and casino has announced a 1000 extra employees for the end of the year. In the Philippines, impressive growth rates are also achieved every year by the casinos that are active in the country. Asian online casinos can also be a license for offering Gambling via the internet to gain.

Growing and yet to be created

The increasing income every year that the existing casino hotspots can be achieved do other countries in the region also decide to try if they can also tap in the lucrative market. In Southeast Asia, enormous projects are therefore started in the growing and yet to be created. The Philippines is a good example of this. A lot of casinos can already be found in this country. However, a few mega projects are currently being added. In Cambodia, small casinos have been in the beach town of Sihanoukville for several years. However, tens have been added in the last few years. The last in the list of countries that would like to have a gambling income from gambling is Vietnam. Here, even the law has been adapted that bilted gambling, in order to start the construction of a 4 billion costing casino project.

Mainly focused on Chinese tourists

The many existing casinos and the projects that are currently being realized are primarily aimed at attracting Chinese tourists. In the Cambodian Sihanoukville, the Chinese are almost the entire group of gamblers that are active in the city. When the economy continues to grow in the largest country of the region, there will be enough business for everyone. After all, more than a billion people live in China. However, the new projects are built at the moment at a very high pace. There are therefore quite doing in business analysts that there could be an oversupport soon. It would therefore not be smart from the countries in the Southeast Asian region to almost fully rely on the income of the casinos.