Published on January 31, 2022 in News

The newspapers are full of news about the Corona virus at the time. An aggressive form of the flu that has already cost the life to more than 200 people and most likely originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Many people make serious concerns that the virus knows other parts of the world. China has therefore taken the drastic measure to closed the entire Wham district hermetically. Nevertheless, there are concern and these also have an effect on economic markets. Among other things, the US stock exchange closed lower by the outbreak. However, the biggest effects are noticeable in Asian countries and in particular in countries where people raise a lot of income from Chinese tourists. For example, the casinos in Macau are heavily affected by the Corona virus.

Macau The Gambling city of Asia

Macau is the gambling city of Asia. In fact, we should say gambling state because in this case it is about a minist rate that has a kind of comparable status as Hong Kong. The tires with China and the land are therefore very close. In fact, we can also call Macau the gambling town in the world, because in recent years the casinos located here are Las Vegas awarded as it comes to turnover that will be shocked every year in the city. There is also here too The largest casino in the world to find. Almost all income comes from rich chinese who happen to gamble for a few days. Now that inhabitants of China as a result of the Corona virus is recommended to travel as little as possible, the number of visitors in Macau has decreased considerably and this brands the casinos.

80 percent fewer Chinese visitors

The number of Chinese visitors has increased no less than 80 percent compared to the same period last year. Now it must be said that a little less went less with the conversion of the casinos in Macau for a while. Such a strong decrease can only be explained by the Corona virus. This is hard in the millions that employ thousands of employees. Punto Banco Dealers. Do not have gamblers for which they can share the cards, chefs have no eaters for which they can cook meals and cleaners have no hotel rooms that need to be cleaned. There is even the fear that to control the virus The casinos will be instructed to close their doors for an indefinite period. It is for the companies to hope it will not come.

Share Wynn Resorts 11 Procent Lager

There are negative consequences of the virus outbreak worldwide on the stock markets. Especially companies that are close business with China or those of their income dependent on Chinese citizens get little confidence of investors. At the American exhibition, some companies are also active that run casinos in Macau. An example of this is the company Wynn Resorts that has one of the largest casinos in the Asian Gambling city. Due to the sharp fall in Chinese gamblers, the stock price of Wynn Resorts has also fallen sharply. Last week the share already lost 11 percent of its value. The expectation is that this decrease will also take a while now it seems as if the outbreak of the Corona virus has not been damed yet.