Published on February 20, 2022 in News

The Corona virus keeps the world in its grip. Still the newspapers are still full of newly virus outbreaks and attempts to control distribution in various countries throughout the world. We have also paid attention to the virus on this website. Mainly by the news that the Corona virus also influenced the merits that were brought in in Gokstad Macau. Because people are strongly dependent on Chinese tourists here, the adverse consequences were immediately noticeable. It has come to an absolutely low point for two weeks when the decision has been taken until Closure of the casinos in Macau. Fortunately, the forced closure comes to an end today because the gambling providers have been told this week that they can open their doors again on Thursday 20 February.

Closed to control virus

On 5 February, the authorities of the Mini State of Macau decided to close the casinos. A very drastic decision, because the enormous hotel casinos are responsible for a large part of the economy in the country. However, it was forced to take this decision because the Corona virus was spreading in the region very quickly. At the beginning of this month, 10 infections were already discovered in Macau. Due to the many Chinese tourists visiting the casinos, it was feared that this number could be quick. A forced closure was therefore the decision. This has now helped. Helped. No new cases have been detected in the last 13 days.

Opening will not have many consequences

Now 15 days after the clasp imposed, the gambling houses may therefore open their doors again. Unfortunately for them, the opening will not have many consequences. It will certainly not be business as usual for the companies immediately. The Chinese visitors, which form the majority of customers, will in all likelihood still stay away. The Corona virus is certainly conquered in China. This despite the intensive commitment of the government. Chinese are afraid of traveling at the time and definitely to a tourist hub such as Macau where gamblers come together from all over the world.

Up to 3.3 billion dollars less money flows

So the losses that make the casinos in Macau will therefore still increase. According to an estimate of a financial planning agency, money flows in the country have decreased by no less than 3.3 billion in the last period. This immense amount could well be correct. The two listed American casino giants that are also active in the city; MGM and Wynn Resorts. Have announced that since the closure on 5 February, they have lost an amount of 1.5 million and 2.5 million respectively. This is already a loss of 60 million dollars over a period of 15 days.

Although online gambling in China is officially illegal, we can safely assume that the Casinos on the internet who focus on Chinese has visited very busy recently.