Published on March 4, 2022 in News

Last week the gambling authority announced that On 1 April 2022 online casinos can apply for a permit. For years it was stated that illegal casinos may not apply more permits. These are online casinos that stand on the black list of the KSA.

But last week, the KSA suddenly announced that the Illegal Casino's may apply for a permit. Only may they submit their license application from 1 April 2022. The casinos on the blacklist may only apply for their permit in a few months. As a result, the chances are that they will only be allowed online in the Australia in 2022.

The PvdA has asked Sander Dekker this week about this week. They crazy that the illegal online casinos will still be admitted. According to ministers, this would be already casinos that regularly rule the rules to their boots. In short, these are unreliable companies and that according to the PvdA cannot be admitted.

Sander Dekker has not yet responded to the parliamentary questions

Despite the doubts from the PvdA, Sander Dekker has not yet responded to the parliamentary questions. The minister indicates that he will figure this out with the KSA. For example, he will ask the KSA why the black list of casinos will be allowed to be allowed.

Sander Dekker has indicated that you need about 3 weeks to start an investigation. But it could just be that this will go out. Especially since it is now of course busy with the House of Representatives elections that will start in two weeks.

The PvdA has also immediately expressed their doubts about the method of inspection from the KSA. Do they openly wonder how the applications are assessed? Is it simply going to pay a premium or is really research done? These questions are now also immediately laid down at the gambling authority.

What kind of online casinos are there on the blacklist?

There are even a few large famous names on the blacklist. Unibet, for example, has been added to the blacklist. The blacklist consists of online casinos that have violated the rules for the past two years.

The rules were clearly online casinos were not allowed to actively approach Australia or promote Ideal to there A Australia Casino License is. But Unibet clearly did not held itself. There was a Australia site and it was actively promoted in the Australia.

This ultimately led and substantial fine for the company and they were put on the black list. So this does not mean that the casino is not reliable. They only violate Australia legislation around gambling.

The KSA has set a cooling-down period

The KSA would have set a cooling-down period For the online casinos On the blacklist. But after this period they can only apply for a permit if it is up to the KSA. This is striking because first they would be excluded for this.

It is unclear what the KSA will soon start following the parliamentary questions that were experienced. It may be clear that there is much unclear about the new regulations around gambling remote in the Australia.