Published on June 20, 2019 in News

By participating with tournaments you make a good chance to win extra money at an online casino. During the tournament you play the games of chance that you often plan to play and the profit that you obtained during gambling can you also just love as usual. However, the difference is that by participating in the tournament you also have a chance to win extra money at the same time. If you can control yourself to bet more than you would do normally, then it's a situation where you can only win and do not lose. Such tournaments can be played at Bob Casino.

Every day tournament with real cash prizes

You can Now go to the Bob Casino website And directly participate in a tournament with which you have a chance to win real cash prizes. Almost always it is a matter of collecting as many points as possible in a certain time frame to close the tournament as a winner. What exactly you should do to collect the points that can vary per tournament. At Bob Casino there are currently writing this news item three different tournaments that are offered. There are two variants where you have to play online video slots to compete for victory and a single variant where you have to gamble in the live casino to have a chance to win an extra cash prize.

Below a brief description of the three tournaments at Bob Casino. On the website of the provider you can read all the conditions for participation.

Egypt Expedition

With the Egypt Expedition, most of the money can be won. This tournament is organized every four days and every time 3000 euros and 4000 free spins are given to prizes. When hearing the name you would suspect that the intention is to play on a video slot with an Egyptian theme. However, this is not the case. The Free Spins that you can earn are meant for the Coins or Egypt Slot. However, gamblers can do their bets on every lock available in the game offer. They get a point for every euro to bets they do. The player with the most points after the 4-day period, get a cash prize of no less than 750 euros.

Free Spins Challenge

The Free Spins Challenge is re-organized every day at Bob Casino. Every day 500 Free Spins for the Book of Fortune Slot will be awarded to 15 lucky winners. To win the tournament you don't have to use as many euros as possible this time. Instead, you have to see as many multipliers as possible during spinning on the video slots. The player who has won most times have managed to multiply that will receive 100 free spins. The Challenge runs every day from 16:00 UTC to 10:00 PM UTC.

Bob’s Live Tournament

Do you prefer to play one of the traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker or baccarat? Then you can win extra money by participating in Bob's Live Tournament. To win this tournament you have to use as much as possible with the games of chance in the part of the casino where you can play with live dealers. Every 1 euro on bets that you do is good for a point. So you can also use 10 cents 10 times to earn a point. To have a chance to win the main prize of 200 euros, you will probably have to win a lot and to increase your bets. Every four days the points are reset and the tournament starts again.