Published on May 20, 2018 in News

Casinos online are known to offer nice extras in the form of bonuses. For example, you can free money and get free spins and sometimes happen that you can win a great price. This type of promotions occur much less often in landbased casinos. Yet sometimes playful promotions are also organized here. For example, from May 14 to June 10 you have a chance to win a VIP trip to Monaco when you decide a gamble in one of the 12 branches of Holland Casino in the Australia. What you can win exactly and how you participate in the promotion can be read in the news item below.

Four days a jet set live in Monte Carlo

First, let's start with what the VIP trip to Monaco maintains exactly. A total of four days and three nights can you mix yourself in the life of the jet set in Monte Carlo. The city in the Prinsendom is known for the unprecedented richness of the inhabitants. The most expensive sports cars drive through the streets. You will also find the most luxurious hotels and of course the most famous casino in the world. After you and another person with a private jet from Rotterdam to Monaco have traveled to Monaco, you will stay three nights in one of these five-star hotels. Every winner also gives 750 euros pocket money that they can spend during the days. During the day there are all kinds of activities planned, such as a sailing trip and of course also a visit to the famous Monte Carlo casino.

How do you get a chance of winning the price?

If you want to have a chance to win the price then you will have a gamble in one of the 12 branches of Holland Casino. This can be done by playing on the slot machines with roulette and blackjack. A total of 6,000 mystery jackpots are given away on the slot machines. This is 100 euros and a lot for the draw in which the winners of the VIP trips are raffled. You can also win a lot with playing roulette. Upon entering, every visitor will receive a special sheet that they can put on one of the American roulette tables. If you have a number correctly, you will receive a lot for this. When playing blackjack you have to get a black blackjack shared to receive a destiny. A total of 12 VIP trips to Monaco are given away. Every establishment will announce a winner on the evening that takes place. In addition, two cash prizes of 500 and 300 euros are also raffled as a consolation prize.

Also have a chance to win formula 1 cards

If you are lucky enough to win one of the 12 VIP trips in a Holland Casino location, then it might be able to bump into Monte Carlo Max Verstappen. The young Formula 1 driver is living in this city. Where you are guaranteed to see the Australiaman during the Formula 1 races this season. If this is something you get excited from then Holland Casino has a surprise for you. People with a favorites Card make a chance of winning a VIP arrangement for the GP of Italy and tickets for the GP of Belgium. To participate in this action, you must order a bottle of Heineken in the casino and have your Favorites card scanned at the order.

Very nice prices that you can win at Holland Casino in the coming weeks. An additional reason to visit one of the locations. Would you rather not leave your house to gamble? Then visit one Nederlands casino online. Here you can also use all kinds of extra benefits.