Published on August 12, 2022 in News

NetEnt is absolutely not silent this summer when it comes to producing new slots. In recent months they have been busy with coming up with new titles. In recent weeks we were surprised with two new Netent titles.

NetENt The number one supplier has been in software for the online casino for years. It may not be a surprise that they take care of entertainment this summer. The two titles that they have released in recent weeks are Irish Pot Luck and Willy's Hot Chillies.

Willy's Hot Chillies and Irish Pot Luck are absolutely not comparable to each other, but certainly know worth checking. In the beginning, the slots are always tested in a handful of online casinos. But from today they can play on multiple webists!

Discover the hottest gameplay of the moment in Willy's Hot Chillies

Willy's Hot Chillies knows the tension to bring a new level. The slot machine is set in the warm Mexico. While the temperatures rise higher you should try to collect the hot peppers. You do this under the guidance of a pleasant Mexican atmosphere.

The Mexican symbols take you completely in the mood. For example, try combining cacti, tacos and chili peppers to winning combinations. In the meantime, Willy continues to encourage you to win.

Willy's Hot Chillies is also packed with bonus symbols. In the game, for example, a stacked wild symbol is processed. This wild symbol you can get stacked on your screen. You can therefore try to make multiple winning combinations with it. Ideal if you dream of a few hot combinations.

Willy's Hot Chillies is also equipped with an exciting bonus game. If you know how to activate the bonus game you will see a kind of wheel of fortune. By turning the wheel you can try to turn multiple bonuses. Consider, for example, free spins, coins or multipliers. It is definitely worth turning this wheel once.

Do you want to taste Willy's Hot Chillies? Take it easy to take a try Bob’s casino. This is one of the Netent Casinos where the game has been added.

Make a chance of the Irish jackpot with Irish Pot Luck

Are the lepracons on your side this summer? Then you can take a gamble in Irish Pot Luck. In this delicious green game you can make a try to find the pot with gold at the end of the rainbow.

The slot machine is accompanied by your own lepracon that you can bring a lot of luck. During spinning he turns to a signpost. This is the guide that takes you to the pot with gold.

Multipliers are also distributed via the signpost. Each spider gives the guide from which multiplier you can bet this time to win. This way you can suddenly not get 1 time only 5 times the winning combination.

The Lepracon from Irish Pot Luck also sprinkles with bonus symbols that he gets out of his pocket. He rotates regularly with Jackpot symbols and wild symbols. If you play 3 Jackpot Symbols, you can turn the Jackpot Wheel. With a bit of luck you win the fixed jackpot that differs per casino. Who knows do you have the Irish luck on your side?

Try Irish Pot Luck at this time in it Scatters Casino. The game will appear in even more online casinos in the coming weeks!