Published on January 25, 2022 in News

Although gambling is banned in China, there are millions of Chinese worldwide who would like to visit a casino regularly. In Asia they have to travel to Gokstad Macau for this. However, if you live in the Australia, you can simply visit the nearest location of Holland Casino. People from Chinese origin form a significant percentage of visitors numbers. This will be the reason that the company traditionally celebrates the Chinese New Year every year with all kinds of festivities. This year is no exception and we would like to inform you about what you can expect.

Year of the rat

Today the Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide. For us, the date is known as Saturday January 25, but for Chinese it is the day the year 4717 starts. The year of the rat. As you may already know, Chinese years always get an animal assigned. For example, last year, for example, the year of the pig was. The rat stands for opportunism and enthusiasm. Two features that you should always take with when you visit a casino. During the celebrations that are scheduled this week you can also have some more opportunism and enthusiasm than normal, because there are several extra prizes to win.

Celebrations not on January 25

Although the Chinese New Year is starting today, the celebrations in the branches of the Holland Casino are not planned on January 25. Perhaps it is already busy on Saturdays, or few Chinese are expected because they would like to spend the New Year with their family. Whatever the reason. The celebrations at the various locations are planned during the upcoming week. Most branches celebrate a party on 27, 28 or 30 January. However, there are also a number of places where you have to wait until 3 or 4 February before the party starts.

Free mahjong tournaments

A nice part of the planned festivities is that Mahjong tournaments are organized. Many people know the Chinese game because this is also often on computers and Mobile Devices is being played. In the game, cubes with different symbols must be played away. What many people do not know is that Mahjong is also a gaming game that is played in casinos. The rules are something different than the games that you only play, so here you have to deepen yourself if you plan to participate in the tournaments. However, you have nothing to lose, because participation in the Mahjong tournament is free.

Extra Mystery Jackpots

Another reason for visiting the Holland Casino during a Chinese New Year celebration is that extra mystery jackpots are paid out. When you take a chance on the video slots with your Favorites card, you will always have a chance to win extra prices. The Jackpots will often fall extra during the New Year's party. Also are the cash prizes that you can win tailored to lucky numbers from Chinese culture. For example, you can win 88 or 168 euros. These amounts are also prizes in the tombolas that you can participate. The main prize of this is 888 euros.

Asian snacks and drinks

Of course you can also enjoy traditional Asian snacks and drinks during the Chinese New Year. Many of these will be distributed to visitors for free during the evening. Enough reason so to visit a branch of Holland Casino to visit you in your area this week. Because the celebrations are organized on different data, you can even visit the party even several times. Let's hope the year of the rat will bring you good luck. If you prefer to stay at home to try your luck, choose One of these online casinos.