Published on November 9, 2018 in News

If you have ever been in a casino, then you have noticed that the vast majority of playing floors are seized by slot machines. They also speak about slot machines or slots. Many people prefer these games of chance to gamble because there is little knowledge or skill for playing. The only thing you have to do is press the spin button if you want to move the rollers of the slot machine. With this promotion you have just as much chance to win as every other player who dangles a chance with the game of game. In The online casinos in the Australia Is the distribution of the game offer about the same. Perhaps the range slots is still bigger than in a casino location. You can choose from hundreds of different options here. Often the games online are also subdivided into classic slots and modern video slots. Let us compare these two options together so that you can make a well-considered choice.

All virtual video slots

Actually, the categorization between slots and video slots in the online casino is a bit misleading. In a physical casino, one also distinguishes between the different types of games. In that case, a lock is meant a machine in which really physical rollers are starting to spin when you place a bet. The video slots, on the other hand, are the games that can be completely virtually on a screen. In this latter situation there are many more options with the games. For example, the virtual roles can be filled with moving 3D animations and other special effects. When we go to the game offer in a casino online, there is of course no game with physical parts. They are all virtual video slots. Yet a distinction is still made between the two on the internet.

Difference is the theme and appearance

What exactly is the difference between the games in the Video Slots and Classic Slots category? In most cases, the categorization has to make mainly with the theme and appearance of the game. If a lock has been given a classic appearance with, for example, the well-known slot machine symbols on the rollers. Then it is classified in the Classic Slots category. Often there are also little or no special features in the game. You can still come across a single game symbol, but certainly no extensive bonus game in which a complete storyline is brought to life. Sometimes there are even games that have received the appearance of an old-fashioned slot machine. Regarding the video slot category, there are no restrictions. The developers can let their fantasy go wild. They often make use of this and therefore the old slot machine in the past has undergone a major evolution in recent years. These are the games that the casinos want to let you experience when they Bonus offers with Free Spins to do.

Presard about payout percentage

There are quite a few prejudices about the payout percentages of the different games. For example, there are people who claim that the classic slots pay much better than video slots. An equally large group claims that the opposite is true. However, both statements are not based on truth. You cannot make this statement about the entire category in the casino. We do know that one of the games of chance with the best payout percentage is Mega Joker of Netent. This classic lock has an RTP of no less than 99 percent. However, there are countless games in the same category that pay out a much lower percentage of bets. Pieces lower than the Blood Suckers video slot from NetEnt with an RTP of 98 percent for example.