Published on September 23, 2016 in News

The Polder Casino belongs to the Dear Australia casinos Because players get many extras here. For example, new players are already getting 100 free spins without depositing and then one Welcome bonus from again 100 free spins and one Free money bonus Until 198.60 euros when they put their first deposit at the casino. However, you are already an active player of the Polder Casino then you still get many extras offered in the form of bonuses and promotions. The weekly polder Challenge is a good example of this. Every week it challenges polder casino His players out to complete a challenge. If you manage to accomplish this challenge then you will be rewarded with free money.

Easiest polder challenge so far

This week the Polder Challenge is the easiest challenge that the casino so far according to the casino itself. There is therefore a good chance that you can fulfill this challenge and earn 100 euros to free money. The 100 euros will be added to your account as a bonus fee. However, the betting requirement for the bonus money has been greatly reduced and only needs to be used 10 times to play it free. Although the Challenge of this week easily fulfilled you need a decent bankroll to have a chance to win the price. As you can read in the instructions below, it is a requirement that the Reel Rush lock of NetEnt plays with a minimum bet of 5 euros per spin.

Bonus game achieve in Reel Rush for extra 100 euros

The Reel Rush Slot of Netent is very popular and this is mainly due to the many free reins that you get on this video slot while playing. After every winning combination, a free re-spins will follow where an ever-growing playing field will be available. The game starts with 5 rolls on which 1-3-5-3-1 rows symbols are depicted. As long as you continue to win combinations, the free re-spins will continue to be loved. More symbols are available at every consecutive re-spider. Ultimately you can play with a playing field of five roles with five rows of symbols and no fewer than 3,125 ways to make winning combinations. It is currently playing the entire playing field that you have achieved the bonus game. For this you will receive 8 Free Spins and until Sunday 25 September also 100 euros in free bonus money. The polder Challenge this week is simply obtaining the bonus gaming in Reel Rush. Take a screenshot of your screen at the start of the bonus game and send it to the Polder Casino Support to receive the bonus.