Published on May 16, 2020 in News

In recent months, the House of Representatives has expressed its concerns about the new legislation for remote gambling. The Australia online casino will start from 1 January 2021. Several companies receive their license to start a Australia gambling site. But according to the second room it becomes difficult to protect players with a gambling addiction.

The KSA has started to set up a concept for the new rules as of January 1, 2021. Next summer the House of Representatives must bend over the new rules. They will soon be carried out in the introduction of the new law. Is there no approval? Then the new law can not be delayed by no half years.

New database for online casinos

One of the main rules for online casinos is that a new database comes. If casinos already have players from the Australia, their account will be erased as of January 1. This money only for the casinos with a later one Australia Casino License. Of course players will receive their game money first paid for their account being deleted. From 1 January they can create a new account according to the new database rules.

According to the new rules, players are first identified before they can create an account. For example, it is looked at who the players are and whether they are at least 18 years old. In the identification check, the blacklist is also looked at. There are players with a gambling addiction on the blacklist. If players are on this they are not allowed.

With the new database and blacklist, the KSA tries to prevent players from creating a new account with an addiction. This is the greatest fear of different political parties. Players are used with a possible addiction.

Fair chance for new online casinos

There is another reason why the gambling authority wants to start with a completely new database. New online casinos get a fair chance to get started in the Australia. There are already gambling sites in the Australia at this time. After an estimate, it concerns 1 million Australia people with an account. Opposite the new sites that have always been neatly held to the rules is unfair.

Every website must start a casino with a new database. They get a fair chance to start a database with customers. The KSA also wants to prevent players with Casino Bonuses be persuaded by their old casino. For example, the online casinos are not allowed to send an email with a special bonus to the old players.

Of course players get the freedom to find out a casino yourself. For example, they may choose to simply register with their old casino from 1 January. Only the notification must meet the new rules. This must ensure that players cannot create a new account with gambling addiction.

Chances are that the government agrees with the new proposal from the KSA. It seems an effective solution to filter players with a gambling addiction. Of course, the identification procedure must soon be waterproof. The KSA has only a few months the time to realize this.