Published on May 23, 2019 in News

Bonuses with which you can get free money or free spins are the normal thing in the world when you gamble via the internet. Online casinos actually all give a welcome bonus away to people who decide to deposit money on their account for the first time. With this sort of bonuses It is also often the most advantage. Huge amounts you fly around the ears. Deposit 200 euros and get 200 euros here Free money on top of your deposit. Or even more money free and a large number of free spins, but then divided over your first four deposits. It is tempting to choose the casino where the biggest advantage is offered. However, the amounts and number of free spins are often not also an indication of the quality of the bonus. To be able to assess this, you will have to read the conditions.

Bonus conditions in small print

On the website of an online casino is usually in large letters, immediately visible on the homepage, which is the welcome bonus that is waiting for you when you create an account and deposit money. That you can get 100 euros in free money is immediately clear. The conditions that you must meet when you accept the bonus that may state less clearly on the website. The bonus conditions are usually read in small print. Large pieces of text that most people don't read at all. However, you do get a big mistake. If you do not meet the Terms asked in time, you can lose the bonus fee again. You can also have your profits paid out for time.

Most important is a wagon requirement

What is that condition that determines the quality of a bonus? By far the most important is the wagon requirement. This is the condition described how many times the money from your bonus must be used before you can pay the profit. The higher a wagon requirement, the smaller, the chance that your profit has lasted to the bonus. We also recommend that you look forward to the part in which this condition is discussed in the large piece of text with small print. Also check which games of chance all count for the wagering requirement. For example, what you will often experience is that bets on table games such as blackjack and roulette do not count at all or only a small percentage for releasing the bonus money.

Calculate whether a bonus is profitable

We have already told you that the Wagering Requirement determines the quality of a bonus, because the number of times your money must deploy an important factor in your chances of achieving a profit. Or a bonus is cost-effective can also be easily calculated. An average online video clot will have a (Return to Player) RTP percentage or a payout percentage of around 96 percent. This means that you will make an average of every 100 euros in betting 4 euros loss. If you have to play an amount of 100 euros 25 times, then you will lose 25 x 4 = 100 euros on average. So mathematically you don't make a profit on this bonus. However, you don't make a loss. Of course you will never really come out at this average. Of course you also have a chance to win a few major prizes and in that case you can register a great profit in your bank account after the Wagering requirement has been met.

In our casino reviews The wagon requirement is always clearly described clearly.