Published on August 10, 2019 in News

The new one is expected to be Remote Gambling Act in force next July. From that moment on the gambling authority all demands are known to which providers of online gambling in the Australia must meet to receive a license. The authority expects that from that moment on about six months of time to assess all applications that come in. From January 2022 the first Australia online casino licenses will be issued and Australia people can go for the first time Legal gambling in a national regulated market.

We ourselves and millions of other people look forward to this date full of expectation. The expected timeline for entering the remote gambling Act is known to most enthusiasts of online gambling. What not everyone knows is that despite the name, the legislative amendment also has consequences for providers of physical games of chance. Read here what changes will take place.

Modernization of the games of chance

Despite the name of the Distance Gambling Act (KOA), this planned legislation also influences the way in which physical games of chance may be offered in the Australia. The KOA ensures a modernization of the Gambling Act (wok) that is in force at the time. This strongly obsolete law from 1964 regulates the gambling offer in the Australia. Because the law has been drawn up 55 years ago, no report was made about the offer available via the internet.

The rules that have been drawn up to achieve the goals of the gambling authority are also increased to innovation. After all, many new types of games of chance have been introduced and a great deal of progress has also been made in the field of addiction prevention in half a century that it took to a modernization of the Gambling Act.

Better prevention of gambling addiction

It is primarily a better prevention of gaming addiction where the remote gambling law will take care of it. This is also necessary because in the last 50 years we have learned more and more about gambling addictions. There are numerous studies at which moments and under what circumstances people are most susceptible to develop the addiction disease. We have also learned more and more about how such addictions can best be prevented.

New rules for short odds games

According to the KSA, the new prevention measures will initially focus primarily on the so-called Short Odds games of chance. These are games of chance where there is a short time between the deployment of money and the result of a bet. All casino games fall under this denominator. The best we can explain the term better on the basis of an example with sports betting. For example, a short odds kidney game is the live betting on a football match. If you do this the second half, the result is always known within 45 minutes. At casino games, the duration is even shorter and that is why we speak of Short Odds. The chance of addiction is a lot bigger with these games of chance.

Cranks exclusion register

Online casinos that will soon operate in our country with a Australia license must participate in keeping a national exclusion register called Cranks. This abbreviation stands for the central register for exclusion of participation in games of chance. These come to names of people who are not allowed to participate in games of chance. People can have their name recorded in the registry, but it is also possible that this does not happen voluntarily. If a name appears in the Cranks registry, then a gaming provider may not let the person gamble. Not only online casinos must keep this register. Providers of physical games of chance must meet this requirement.

Mandatory contribution to addiction fund

Something that is almost certain that with the introduction of the Distance Gambling Act is going to be a Addiction Fund. The help is funded from this fund that is offered to people with a gambling problem free of charge. The Addiction Fund will be funded by the providers of games of chance in our country. They must pay an extra tax for this. It seems like a good measure. After all, it is good that such help is available to everyone if they want to make use of this. It is also good that not the average taxpayer for these costs reverses, but that the companies that make a profit from offering games of chance to take on this into account.