Published on November 19, 2019 in News

Outside downtown Utrecht, the construction of a new Holland Casino site has begun. This means that the plan is to do the old establishment not far from the train station and the Jaarbeurs in the future. After all, current legislation allows a limited number of casino locations with live dealers in the Australia. If a new branch is opened, then an old must be closed.

It is a shame that the old building in the center of Utrecht no longer has long been drunk. However, if we look at the plans for the new building, the residents of the middle of the Australia do not have to mourn. A great beautiful building occurs in the place where a lot of entertainment will be housed and at a location that will be easier for many people to reach.

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Location along highway A12

For the new location of Holland Casino in Utrecht, a location along the A12 motorway has been chosen. It is a trend that we see in more cities where a casino site has been built in recent years. Just like in other cities, in Utrecht downtown is not easily accessible by car. However, many visitors to the casino prefer to come up with this means of transport. It is the reason that the new building is built at a location that is easier to reach from the highways.

The same reasoning has also ensured that parking options for up to 600 cars are taken into account in the building plans.

Energy neutral building in diamond shape

In the other hand, no ugly block box is set along the highway. A progressive design can be seen on the plans that are brought out. It must be a building where a diamond shape has been processed in several places. This is of course an appropriate form for a casino site. After all, the diamond or diamond shape can be found in several games of chance.

Incidentally, the form is not the only progressive to the building plans. Holland Casino Utrecht will soon become energy neutral in the new building. For example, the outside is provided with solar panels, allowing all the necessary energy to be generated in a climate neutral way.

All facilities for a nice day out

In the 10,000 square meter large building, where the energy is climate neutral is generated and there is room for 600 cars to park, of course games will also be offered. The CEO of the Holland Casino, Erwin van Lambaart, reports that in the current plans there will be room for 40 tables on which live games of chance be played and another 700 slot machines. As a gambler there will therefore be enough supply in the play palace. However, many more facilities are added to the building for a nice day out. For example, you can also eat a bite to eat at two different restaurants or enjoy a drink in three different bars. In the summer it is good that the new location is located on the water. A large outdoor terrace is also planned where you can also take place if you are not a casino guest.