Published on February 25, 2022 in News

Is the name Cops' n Robbers known for? This game was first launched in 2017 door Novomatic. This week NOVOMATIC announces that this game will be followed. The Gambled Cops' N Robbers Vegas Nights is the new part released by Novomatic.

As the name suggests, it continued to play in Las Vegas. Of course you come across all known symbols from Las Vegas in this game. But it is also a party to come across your favorite characters from the first slot.

The slot machine itself has five rolls with 20 paylines. To your task to combine the same symbols on the paylines as much as possible. If you succeed, the casino pays a nice amount of money. Meanwhile, Policeman Bert and Sergeant Bell does everything to stop you. Make sure you are too smart to get the police and you know the loot inside.

Bonus features make the chase even more fun

While you are chasing through agents you do everything to be too smart. Of course you can also activate exciting bonus features. One of the bonus features is the game Find Bonzo A Bone.

Bonzo literally goes hunting for the hidden treasures. He does this to engrave. Does he know where to find? Then he excavates it and win a cash prize. The cash prize that you wins differs at a time.

Another nice bonus game is on the run. Once you have looted Las Vegas, you naturally run out like a hare. While you are on the Run you want to keep your money. You don't want to lose this while trying to escape.

As you follow an escape route you also try to fill your bags with extra cash. The cash that you encounter along the way is of course immediately paid out. You can guide the thieves yourself by indicating arrows where they have to run. Cops' n Robbers is really much more than just A slot machine.

Wild symbolen en free spins

Do you think the bonus features have already completed the game? Then you miss it because there are also wild symbols and free spins to earn in this game. Thanks to this type of bonuses, the slots has a payout percentage of 95.19%.

Are you curious about what the highest amount is that you can win? If you play this game maximum, you can win AU$ 250,000. A nice price for a chase with the police

Play the slot machine online now

The slot machine was officially launched yesterday In the online casino. NOVOMATIC has ensured that the game is now playing in almost every online casino. This means that you can immediately test this too crazy game. We wonder if you are too smart to win the police and you know a nice amount to win.

Who knows you will soon be the next big winner at Cops' n Robbers.