Published on September 27, 2017 in News

The moment you do a payment request for the first time at an online casino, it may be that the Support Desk asks you to first confirm your identity. These are the casinos required to do because Legal Casino's Gambling must be prevented by minors and money laundering. If this request is made to you, you will not get money paid out before your identity has been verified. For this reason it is also very important to always fill in your real personal data when you create an account at the casino. Otherwise you can sometimes be able to stand for an unpleasant surprise if you know a large amount to win with gambling. Verifying your identity is done by sending a copy of your ID. However, you must be careful here to protect yourself against identity fraud.

The danger of identity fraud

Identity fraud is a real danger in these times that we are making more and more purchases via the internet. While doing these purchases, a copy of the proof of identity is often requested before something is transferred. So this is also the case with an online casino. If someone else receives your identity card, it is very easy to misuse this. In addition, people who are active in this fraud also often share identity documents with each other so that simply several people occur with your identity with your identity.

Copy of passport first edit

To prevent fraud with a copy of, for example, your passport, you must take a number of measures. For example, it is important to edit the copy you create. For example, you must make your citizenservice number invisible on the copy. This can be quite easy with a drawing program on your computer by pulling a black bar over it. Then you write to the copy of your ID with large letters where this copy is exactly intended with the date. For example, you can write with large letters over the copy that this is meant for Casinoland.. To verify your identity on x date. If anyone knows how to get the copy in your hands, so they cannot use it for other purposes.

Use the government app for this

The problem with identity fraud is so large that the Ministry of the Interior, has migned the central government to develop a mobile app with which people can safely make a copy of their proof of identity. This app is called copy and you can download it in the App Store or online for each type of phone. With the app you make a photo of your proof of identity and then go through a number of steps with which you can automatically make the same operations as described above.

No ID copies on your computer

If you follow the instructions in this news item properly, no one can just abuse your identity card online. Incidentally, you should not make the mistake to leave the original unprocessed copy on your computer. If this is connected to the internet, there is always a chance that hackers can still get them. Therefore, remove the original file immediately after editing your computer. In this way you prevent that you will ever stand for the unpleasant surprise to find out that someone has lifted other people and companies under your name.