Published on July 2, 2022 in News

During the ICE 2022 this year starts the arrival of Crazy Time was already announced. The new game show from Casino software producer Evolution gaming would finally come online this year. The makers of the casino game have been busy for over a year to build the game.

Evolution gaming is of course specialized in making live casino games. If the company is good somewhere then it is innovation. Last year they already knew by breaking with games such as Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher. With Crazy Time they try to draw a new live casino audience.

Crazy time is just like Dream Catcher a Rad of Fortune game. The big difference is that 4 to be crazy bonuses are now being processed. Combine this with a crazy host, funny decor and you have a great time if you may ask the makers.

The game can be played online from now on Live Casino. The only conditions is of course that the casino also has an offer from Evolution Gaming online.

What can you expect from Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is an exciting wheel of Fortune with 54 boxes. There are a number of numbers on which you can bet money on. The numbers occur several times on the wheel. In addition to making money on one of the 7 numbers you can also bet money on the Bonus box.

After the deployment period is over, the multiplier is rotated. The multiplier indicates how much money you will win if your number falls. The multiplier can be 8 times your commitment, but also 10 times or 25 times your bet.

As soon as the multiplier is known, the wheel is turned through the host. Count the wheel on your number? Then your insert X win the multiplier. With a bet of AU$ 1 and a multiplier of 10 you win AU$ 10. Not crazy for a commitment of AU$ 1.

It is also possible that one of the 4 bonus games is turned. The bonus games that can be activated are crazy time, pachinko, cash hunt or coin flip.

Bonus games are optional in Crazy Time

In fact, the bonus games in this live casino game are optional. You care for turning or you want to play along for the bonus or not. The chance that the bonus falls is less than a number.

The best bonus that you can activate is Crazy Time. Hereby a new wheel of fortune with an extra high multiplier gets to commitment. Does your chosen color fall? Then you win an amount that can go up to 120,000 times your commitment.

Another game is coin flip. You choose red or blue where you win a nice amount at the right color. One of our favorite bonuses is cash hunt. You can play in a shooting tent together with the other live players. You must try to hit a symbol. There is a multiplier behind the symbol that you win.

The last bonus game that you can play is Pachinko. This is a drop down game where the game host slides a multiplier down. You will then win this amount with the bonus.

Crazy Time is already playing from AU$ 0.10 per round and with a maximum bet of AU$ 1,000.